French Anti Tank Weapon

I want one! It's make the Mods V Rockers weekends a lot more interesting!

I wonder if you could officially class it as a "tank destroyer", and line it up alongside the M18 Hellcat and the Archer!
You have yet to see the Citröen 2 Cv pick up fitted with a Mauser MG 151 20 mm cannon on a pedestal mount....

it did exist and was used by the French Navy Commandos as, at the time, it was the only vehicle light enough to be heli-lifted by the French Navy's S-58 helicopters.

Recoil was a problem though....
the recoilless rifle could be fired effectively on the move by the best of the gun crews

now THAT i would love to see.
I thought that this was the only anti-tank weapon the French had ever tried?:

The Vespa its mounted on is lovely. Vespas are not gay, and saying so is just scoot envy.

Does this qualify as the only piece of French mobile artillery that doesnt have an overused reverse gear?
OMG I remember seeing a picture of this as a very young R-M on the back of a Commando Comic in the early '60s. Happy days.

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