French angle for Saudi billions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Now then Dear Leader, just what are you going to do?

  2. A corrupt government.

    You pick which ones.
  3. No danger of the French taking any action to expose secret bank accounts and/or corrupt practices..... probably safe to predict the Saudis will soon be ordering Rafaele.....
  4. Its a pity we can't do the same thing!
  5. Is it still true that Frog companies may defray Political Gifts against their Tax Exspenses ?
    And I conncurr
    Now then Dear Leader, just what are you going to do?
  6. Why shouldn't the French sell Saudi weapons? They weren't shy from selling Iraq weapons during the arms embargo, or have we forgot the milan mk3s and the exorcet mk 41s that turned up in Iraq after the latest war?
  7. Is this the French fookers who lie down like pussies when the heat is on... fook me they actually make weapons for the purpose of war?? That is a surprise...
  8. Call their sand eating, camel riding, boy bumming, no alchohol drinking shitebag bluff!!

    I want to know why the SFO are doing it anyhow!

    And besises they will only fcuk up the eurofighters anyway
  9. Do the Saudis make a point of having separate sellers to play one off against the other? I ask, because when I was there (1998-00) probably the best story I heard was based around something of the sort (although possibly apochrophal).

    As related to me, post-GW1 the Yanks put a major equipment and training package into the Saudi Army. At this point, some bright spark starts to worry about coup d'etat potential.

    The Saudi solution? Make sure the National Guard can kick the US-trained and mentored army's arrse in such an event. How to guarantee the National Guard can trump the army? Get the British to train it!

  10. I think the SFO should take a dose of reality. No contract has ever been signed with an Arab state without a kickback being paid. Does the SFO seek to make 50,000 UK workers unemployed over this? As long as the BAe executives are not taking a cut, the SFO should take their noses out.

    The daft thing is, the Saudis could easily 'legalise' these kickbacks. All they need to do is set up a 'consultancy' or a 'brokerage service' that facilitates the deal for, say, 2% of the contract price, and the Saud princes would be sitting in clover.

    (As long as this practise does not spread to European business.)

  11. Wasn't it the nature of these 'introduction fees' that saw Mark Thatcher make a packet out of the Al Yamamah deal (not sure of the spelling but the Tornados and Hawks package). Wasn't in connection with this that Jonathan Aitken did time, lying about his night in the Paris Ritz or some such to cover up his involvement in brokering the deal?

    Hard for the Saudis to take the moral high ground when they (literally) grease the wheels and due process has been seen to be done by the UK previously with regard to this.
  12. The SFO ignoring serious fraud??? We shouldn't insist on standards then??
  13. A government that is being investigated over honours for cash is clambering onto it's high moral horse over business practices that have guaranteed us tens of thousands of British jobs for decades.

    I'll bet my house that none of those jobs at risk are in Labour marginal seats.
  14. Come, come now everybody. You've all missed the point.

    No UK jobs are at risk whether the Saudi's pull the deal or not. HMG has agreed with BAe to produce a certain number of Typhoons far in excess of the number that the RAF needs or can afford. This excess will either sit in sheds unused hoping for a foreign buyer to be found, or go straight to the foreign buyer already lined-up.

    This is all about whether HMG will pander to blackmailers and order the SFO to cease its investigation and prevent another MoD budget crisis, or whether HMG will stand firm and tell an undemocratic (royal) dictatorship, whose system of government has lead to the creation of a large proportion of the international terrorist cadre, to fcuk off.
  15. i wonder if this moral high ground extends enough to stop buying the petroleum from this same unelectred despotic autocracy.