French airport security

Cripes!! that is so very un PC!!! Those damned French using visiting Pakistan or Afghanistan as a sacking offence!!

I shall write to the Guardian / Independant in protest.
*shrugs shoulders, purses (sp.?) lips*

nhornhenhornhehor Msr?
Heretic said:
It's times like this that make me almost admire the French!

The sacked staff have managed to cheer themselves up on a Beach Holicay:
I wonder if this is just French window-dressing? I had to transit through Paris CDG three or four times in the week following the "liquid explosives" scare. As with most other international airports - especially UK - huge queues had built up and hundreds of people were missing their connections - down to the incompetent airport authorities apparently having had no contingency plan for such a blindingly obvious security scenario. Amid all this chaos and rage, the only people apparently unaffected were women wearing the full burkha and veil, who were allowed to walk through the security checks without any body search - to the incredulity of the rest of the passengers, who were receiving everything short of a cavity search...
But some of the men who have lost their security clearance are suing airport authorities.

They claim they are being discriminated against because of their religion.
yep, and that is regrettable.

however, where does the major terrorist threat come from?
maybe it'll get the muslims who DON'T agree with islamic fundamentalism to get their arrses up and do something about it. because THEY are the best to stop the madness of the fools.
Can you imagine what would happen if the Uk tried to do the same at Heathrow? Apart from the whole bludy place grinding to a halt, there would be a huge outcry and the nations Grauniad readers would be weepin'-and-a-wailin' like mad. The lawyers would be sharpening their pencils at tax-payers expense and questions would be asked in the House. Well done to the cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys I say.

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