French airforce back up their paras in Dafur region

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Fiji_Bob, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. A report on Channel 4 News tonight discussed French Aircraft not only backing up their own troops but maybe supporting government troop attacks here France's African War

    Is this the same France who was against air strikes in Iraq? :plotting:
  2. France will do what is in the French interest. Was always thus and will always be.....Cest la guerre
  3. Yup - I sort of admire them for it - they bug the hell out of me on the 'relationship with us' front, but they don't muck about when they decide what La France needs done. Rainbow Warrior being a case in point... :roll:
  4. That will add to the lasting list of great war defeats.......
  5. Their side lost in Rawanda aswell. Perhaps a few mirages there would have helped them get an even higher score. Instead of just haveing the Legion standing around watching......

    Allegedly :wink:
  6. I fail to see the relevance of comparing this situation to Iraq.

    A French training team was in location in Birao, training the local forces against attacks from rebels coming from the Sudan.

    It came under repeated attacks from the same rebels. The training team asked for reinforcements and got it in the form of Mirage F1 CAS and two HALO drops at the beginning of March (one of 10 men, another of 58 according to RAIDS magazine); then a French para company did a TALO on the Birao airfield.

    Logistic support was also provided to the CAR army in order to recapture the city of Birao.

    Mission completed, end of story.
  7. Your right becuase the froggies would be shatting thier sorry little arsses in Iraq
  8. What an interesting post.

    BTW, about Iraq, look at my avatar.
  9. I saw the same report and it was great when one of the African's was complaining about the French using jets against which they had no defence. What a shame considering these same people rape and execute women and kids who can't defend themselves.
  10. That's the magazine which outed the story of the HALO jumps.

    RAIDS magazine has confirmed that the French SF did an operational jump over the airfield of the city of Birao in the Central African Republic during the night of the 6th of March 2007.

    58 operators belonging to the 1er RPIMa, the Commando Hubert (Navy SF) and CPA10 (Air Force SF) jumped from a height of 12,000 feet in order to clear the airfield before a parachute company was airlanded there.

    Previously, ten pathfinders from the 3 RPIMa had done an HALO insertion into the Birao city in order to reinforce another HALO team from the 17 RGP (airborne engineers) which had been advizing the local army in their fight against Sudan-based rebels.

    This team had been directly attacked by those rebels; they called Mirage F1s on them and several of their vehicles were destroyed.
  11. france was right in looking in thier own interest and shafting other NATO members up the hoop, they should just fcuk off out of NATO
  12. FYI, France is the 4th or 5th largest financial contributor to NATO and there has never been more French personnel in NATO HQs in Europe and the USA since France left the integrated command structure in the early 60s.

    Mons, Brunssum, Stavanger, Norfolk, Istanbul, Izmir, they are all over the place now.

    So, instead of leaving, France is actually coming back to NATO.
  13. Thread edited.

    It's not the Naafi Bar.
  14. Look at the support their boys got. SF and paras dropping in to help them out. Air strikes on short notice.

    Would we feck get that kind of sppt. Our 10 would have been left to be captured then we'd have sent a leaflet campaign to get them back.

    Tell you one thing about the Froggies. They Look after their own!!!
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Fantassin - don't expect to see much objectivity around here when French military is under discussion.

    For the few that can be bothered to dig beyond purile frog bashing there is a lot to be learned. Their army is fully professional like ours, but very well equipped, very forward looking with technology and as a result highly motivated. The French are selective in deploying guys and tend to do it in their national interest rather than the US national interest.....and when they do the government, the people and the other military arms all thrown in when asked.

    I wish we could be more like that....