French Airforce are crazy

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Dunc0936, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. If my history serves me right 617 squadron were flying that low, at night and without any electronic aids over 60 years ago. Oh, and the music was classier.
  2. oh I know, sure the RAF can and do do better, just be interesting to know what they would be like working together

  3. seulement dans les films mon crab ami et pas à 400Kts, la musique était meilleur cependant :p
  4. You obviously not been to Wales or seen any of the RAF video from GW1 or have any knowledge of Buccaneers. This is from comments on red flag and a number of low flying aircraft.

  5. The last clip is not of RAF Harriers; they're Belgian AF Alpha Jets at Solenzara, Corsica.
  6. Anyone know where I can get a copy of the Punjabi Knightrider rap mix CD from the second clip?
  7. It is officially a top-tune. I have this tune in various forms... (cos I'm down with the kids, innit). :D however, the one in the clip sounds like a dance-remix.

    I can email you an mp3 of the 'original' if you want... However, if you use torrents etc search for "Punjabi MC Mundian To Bach Ke" you should find it...

    or from Amazon here

    edited to add Amazon details
  8. The Franco-German alliance is actually very strong, (providing no one mentions the war) it has been for many years, certainly with weapon development, though at times the French become very nationalistic, especially if they don't get their own way on weapon design, off they go in one of their huffs and make their own toys, the Rafale fighter is a prime example.
  9. still21 - brilliant clip - as many will probably know (think it's posted elsewhere here) that the Spitfire was piloted by the late Ray Hannah, founder of the Old Flying Machine Company, the commentator is Alan de Cadanet.
  10. Cheers tich, did not know it had 'done the rounds' IIRC so did the presenter's daughter.