French aid worker kidnapped in Kabul


The incident comes less than 10 days after a Briton and South African were killed in Kabul and two weeks after a British aid worker was also killed.

Correspondents say the latest incident will add to the growing sense of unease among foreign workers in the city.

A small number of aid organisations have had to close down or reduce their operations because of the direct threat to their work and presence in Afghanistan.
No blaming of religious preaching this time, would appear they just don't want anyone helping out the Afghan people. If they continue doing this over time it will turn the local people against the Taliban.

Whatever happened to the law of armed conflict whereby any aid or medical organisation is neutral...
Interesting to note that an Afghan was killed trying to beat off the kidnappers. Most Afghans hate the Taliban as much as we do.

Western Kabul is a bad place. Walking around that district is a bloody stupid idea.

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