Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bedfordrl, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. I am down for my camp this year at Fremington and am a bit perplexed ,apparently it is closing the day before my camp starts.

    Are there other barracks in Fremington or am i doomed?

    linky thing
  2. Interesting choice of picture for that article on the closure of Fremington - a bunch of cadets 'marching' while the road beneath their feet carries the marking "WAY OUT". So either they've had the closing celebrations already or the local MP's got his facts muddled.

    Go along anyway. They tell me that North Devon is bracing in mid-October.
  3. Fremington is a run-down dump and apart from access to Braunton Burrows its got no local traing facilities so I can see why it is for the chop. Since the Guards removed their AT training set-up its been on the slide. The place itself looks as if its not had a penny spent on it since 1945. Braunton Burrows are hardly a major draw as a training facility either - no ranges anymore , more locals walking dogs than a place where dog walkers take dogs etc. - So all its got going for it is a small area for off-road driving on sand,

    The MP is pretty clued up too - I imagine Lt Col Porter is dead chuffed at being demoted to Lt.
  4. Im suprised this shithole has lasted this long, went there in 92/93 for a adventure training weekend on the middle of a camp, we got told to take no civvies as it was purely a adventure training weekend.

    As I remember one of the Para btns were there as they seemed to be providing the fire picket, we all jumped on the liberty bus at night into Barnstable and got w-anchored, when we returned one of the seniors gripped us and told us we had to provide a fire picket as the Para's had bugged out, six of us got dicked to do it, the only piece of military clothing we had between us was a waterproof crisp packet jacket which we took turns in wearing when pressing the up/down switch on the barrier.

    To make it worse another mob arrived (it was either the Cheshires or the Staffs) who dumped all their kit and went off out on the lash, when they returned they just all just charged/bundled the barrier jumping over or crawling under it under and ran off whooping into the camp.

    If memory serves me correctly the Paras and the later had just come back from the provence and this I suppose was a short decompression stop, why they were sent to North Devon god knows.

    Anyway, its a shithole.
  5. It was a dump in the 70's
  6. It may be a 'shithole' to paraphrase the above but it is one of a dwindling number of places where the military can train together. Do you seriously expect the Army to buy any more land and deliver new trg areas?

    The availability of trg areas is now at an all time low, with many having been 'sold' and never put to any good use - e.g. Leek - which leads to shared and often restricted use, unavailability, repetitive trg, and undue wear and tear.

    Better perhaps to protect the ones we have and imrpove them? Getting rid is not the answer - wait until the remnants of BAOR return over the next five years and then see how difficult it will be to book ranges's OK in the south east but the west and the midlands is fast becoming a wasteland.
  7. Fully agree. The genuine scandal up here was the "sale" of Cultybraggan - The whole site went to the " Comrie Development Trust" for the princely sum of £300k - less than a large house locally.

    Stand by for more - DE are under the cosh to deliver savings and its a gospel truth with them that we have too much training area and too many training camps. Might be true on a Wednesday - certainly isn't on a Friday night.
  8. left hand right hand?