Freeze on postings

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by devexwarrior, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. I have heard that with the impending doom that is JPA all postings are frozen.

    what is the gospel word and what effect is this likely to have on people finishing long courses where they have to be posted at the end.
  2. starting to flap mate?
  3. Me? Flap? Never-I am just curious as to whether I should leave a post-it note on the CO's desk with my mobile number on it an bug out on leave for an undetermined period.
  4. well before you bug out, you still owe me a curry !!
  5. In order to allow our records to be transfered over to JPA and to prevent our pay being screwed (like that won't happen anyway) postings are being kept to a bare minimum. Those on courses can expect notification by signal or email I believe then once they arrive in unit the TOS action can be taken once JPA has gone live.
  6. thank-you
  7. Thought this thread was worth resurrecting again, as I'm in urgent need of posting myself. Does anyone have any idea when MCM Div will be pulling their fingers out of their arrses and sorting out our postings again?? (I tried the chief clerk, but needless to say he didn't have a clue).
  8. Well, I have been posted as normal over the JPA changover with an LTA in early June. Loads of other lads have moved as per during this time too.
  9. When did you receive your Posting Order? I know of one or two people who have recently been posted, but they were told before Christmas. If you received it recently then I may need to bang a few heads....
  10. Mid-March mate. Sorry! :oops:
  11. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    i have been posted over this period and just completed the move. It has caused me a bit of a headache as not able to do proper clearance from the old unit as the system was closed down. Everything was done on a spreadsheet and then at the new unit JPA was not in yet. Been a bit of a rough ride but pretty much sorted now. Docs still seem to be lost in the system though.
  12. Been over my chief clerk again today, not f*cking impressed. I wouldn't normally care, but I've transferred and have now been waiting nearly three months for a posting. (I am out of trade). This army really does suck f*cking donkey balls sometimes.
  13. Skintboy, the MCM's are now able to produce assignment orders. (not called posting orders anymore....). Your Chiefie might be taking the proverbial. If you have an RCMO, or if you are able to, call your MCM directly. Given that most of their work for the last few months have been geared to getting JPA to work, they might just need a reminder.
  14. Honoured that you wasted your first post on little old me! :D

    Messages left on answer phones once again, chief clerk informed once again. Fingers crossed, we'll get there in the end.
  15. Is that psoting due in January perhaps August?