Freeware\Shareware Alternatives

Can we collect together a list of Freeware\shareware alternatives for the likes of photoshop, Nero, Norton, et al. Can we make make it a sticky aswell if we get enough.

A quick starter:

Antivirus/Firewalls/Spybot killer
AVG Free
Spybot-Search & Destroy
Peer Guardian 2
Personal Firewall

Alternative to Photoshop
The gimp

DVD\CD Burner
Img burn

Alternative to Word\Excel\Powerpoint etc.
Open Office or Open Office Home

Media Players
VLC media player
Windows Media Player Classic

File converters
Media Monkey
AutoGK (converts VOB to AVI)

Web browsers and Email
Mozilla & Firefox

Portable applications
Portable Apps

Operating Systems (OS)
Ubuntu (Linux)

3D Modelling and animation program

Orbit Downloader (Down load You tube videos, Porn and other Mpg/flv type files)
An alternative to Microsoft Office is Open Office

it will allow you to open/edit/create/save Microsoft documents such as Word, Power Point Excel etc. Another advantage is that it will allow you to save a document as a PDF.

Portable versions of lots of favourites - Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice etc.

Install on a thumb drive and use on computers without leaving data behind. Ideal for doing mail or work on public PCs
Open Office is brilliant- already mentioned, it does the same as Microsoft Office and more. A Really good CD version, £3-00

ACDsee. As good as Photoshop. That is a complete boxed set with manual and warranty etc. Really simple to use. £9-50

FireFox. Excellent. Free.
Cheers so far guys.

Image Editor like Photo Shop (good name too)

12volts said:
ACDsee. As good as Photoshop.
Absolutely completely 100% wrong unless you're talking about the stripped out "elements". As far as I know the only free viable alternative to photoshop is The Gimp, and you won't find that in many design studios.
Comodo is a very good, free firewall.

One of only a few free firewalls that can/does block inbound and outbound packets (most only look at inbound).

Takes time to get fully setup as it asks for conformation on everything when it is first used, but after a few days these popups become a lot less frequent.

Comes highly recommended from Tech Support Guy forums and I have found the guys on there very very helpful and knowledgeable in the past.
You could try this.

GOM media player

Not tried it myself but has good name for itself
As a computer biff who recently had a huge disaster & lost most of my files & then found that my backup discs were F***ed, I found these 2 IMMENSELY helpful...
PC Inspector
Thanks to the people that wrote these I recovered nearly all of my data :)
Cheers guys, brilliant :clap:
They're free but any contributions are gratefully accepted!

Good image editor for the simple folk that dont want to be a Photoshop fanboy

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