Hardly Engineering based thread sorry, purely selfish really.
Any of you Reme types posted in Bordon Garrison able to receive Freeview?
The websites say you might need an aerial upgrade in that area. I hardly watch all the channels on offer on my current Sky package so thought it might make a cheaper alternative when i move back down that way.
Cheers in advance.
I use a freeview Sat receiver over here in Germany, no reason why it wouldn't work in Bordon.
If you have a sky box, you can pay a one-off fee of 20 quid (to sky) and you'll get all the BBCs, ITVs, Channel 4,5 etc.
I also get Reality TV, Realestate TV and shed loads of other crap ones - True movies, Horror channel etc.
You may not get UKTV, Discovery etc.
As long as you've got the sat setup, you'll be laughing, except when nothings on....

[next time I'll try and use less etc.s]

Just found the link, thats cool.
Dont have to pay anymore for a digibox and the £20 is very nice. A one off which is less than what i pay a month now!
Cheers Nige me old china plate
we had an aerial upgrade in the mess and now everyone can watch it in their room. not too sure about the pads although i know of one or two who have got it.
If you've got Sky set up already, get hold of a freeview card, I think you can do it online (costs 20 quid) and replace your current card with it. Simple as that apparently.
I think they only send it to UK addresses though. With this, you'll get al UK freeview channels (BBC,ITV,C4 etc)

Where I live, we plug into a communal sattelite dish, pointed at Astra, I just bought a digital sattelite box from and plugged in, simple as. If I move, I'll need a dish/LNB etc, but for now I'm happy.

We've also just got the BFBS TV upgrade, Sky news, Sports 1 & 2 etc, so a bit more choice too.

Cheers Nige, I will be moving to a new gucci qtr soon with aforementioned commy dish, my sky is through uk address so here goes, many thanks!!!!!!!
Sorry 24A, not sure. I seem to remember a nice little 'bodge' where you connect a 9V battery to the phone socket on the box, t fool it into thinking you were connected to the phone.

I don't have the Sky card, so I can't offer any first hand info. I rely on BFBS for my - ooops, sorry, my wife's soap 'fix' :)
two-four-albert said:
Got the afoermentioned card however it doesnt seem to pick up ITV, any tips???
Now correct me if I am wrong but,
the card wont pick anything up,

I think you may need a dish with a receiver to be able to watch Sky TV. :lol:
You can keep your existing card and just tell sky that you want to just go on to the freeview package so that will save you 20 quid, that is what i have done.

Hope this helps

Thank you sparky, I will try. No BM I'm the furthest from wingedwarriorism you will find, not unless they make really tall tanks in the future
you got me,
although there are 70 channels there's still nothing on worth watching.

Follow the sound of Kerrang radio :p

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