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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 007m88, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Is anybody else's freeview box fu@king up over the last few days no bbc's no Itv's just sky 3 and that.Its happpened twice now at 12.30pm. Whats going on. you don't get feck all for free these days cnuts. :x
  2. 1) Is it windy where you are?

    2) Do the crows and pigeons love your analogue Arial?

    3) Does the rain seep out between the brown rubber and copper/white plastic casing around the copper wire of your arial cable?

    No?? Well man the feck up!!!

    Because options 1 to 3 (inclusive) are doing my nads in!!!!!

    If I miss one more episode of Space 1999, UFO or the New Avengers.... :x
  3. Move to the south,far nicer and we get a brilliant reception on freeview 'cos we live near the Queen and we is posh down here. :wink: :D
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    It was **** in York yesterday as well
    I notice that there is an advert for Digital TV Channels creeping up this page

    Are they rubbing it in?
    This computor will join the freeview box in the backgarden I mean the window is already got a hole in it .......
  5. Yeah same here , did it last night right in the middle of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingtw@t
  6. Get cable, pikeys.
  7. Yes Baldrick, that is indeed a cunning plan ... although quickly unravelling at the edges since its neither free nor is there any cable within half a mile of my abode... :D

    Had to retune the fckin TV in the morning to appease a rather disgruntled 6yr old who was not happy with the lack of Cbeebies

    perhaps the pikeys have nicked all the cabling from Winter hill ?
  8. Yep, rubbish reception here too...having to retune the telly box regularly. Strangely enough, XBox tinternet connection has been garbage as well, much gnashing of teeth from t'other half due to breaks in COD. It's a conspiracy I tell ya!

    p.s. Cable! I wish, I'm lucky to have elecktrickery where I live :roll:
  9. Have any of you benighted chaps considered Freesat at all? Very similar to Freeview though a few less channels (they are adding all the time) and you need to buy a receiver and a satellite dish to get it. The beauty of the receivers though is that you get full "Sky+"-type functions such as pause and rewind of live TV and a 340gb Hard Drive so you can record shed-loads of stuff you'd otherwise miss as well as being able to set it to record complete series if necessary.
    The "boxes"(Humax Freesat HD Recorder) ain't cheap, around £300 for the top-of-the-range box with all the above functions but there are cheaper ones with less flexibility. As for the Sat. dish, if you've already got one then no problems, if not there was a very good offer from Sky of a free installation and 3 month trial. If you cancelled after the trial the yu kept the dish and Bobs your uncle!
    I was with Sky for years but got fed up with the money-grabbing b*st*rds in the end, I only had the basic package (no sports or films) and realised I was actually paying £20 a month for the relatively few channels I actually watched and a shed-load more I never bothered with. A Sky+ upgrade would have cost a lot more, then I heard of Freesat! The box will have paid for itself in 15months since I cancelled Sky.

    Freesat, as the name suggests is free to air so no subscriptions to pay.

  10. Geeky though it is of me to know this - I have to for work - There is a lot of work going on in the Winter Hill region at the mo. If you point your aerial directly at Winter Hill then you should be OK but if you run from a relay station then there are likely to be some interuptions and poor reception for a little while.

    You should still be able to watch BBC 1& 2, ITV and CH4 via analogue. should help - that guy is the Geek's Geek
  11. Winter hill work has been going on ages, it's like the Government doesn't care for the north... err
  12. We currently can't get (South Cumbria) ITV1, 2 or 3 or any of the C4 channels. five is dodgy too.
  13. Thats where mine points towards, winters hill. It works fine in the day and evening then come midnight channels 1-10 dissapear including all the BBC's and Itv's. If I switch to normal tele, bbc1 & 2 are there aswell as itv1 channel 4 and five, but on freeview they dissapear. When I wake up in the morning there all back after re-installing the channels.
  14. My freeview box goes nuts every time someone drives a small car past my place, Nissan Micras, Ford Ka's etc. Any idea why?
  15. Cheap electrical components with poor RF shielding...?