Freeview and 4G LTE Problems

Now the Govt have announced the winners of 4G LTE auctions these freq will start to go live once installation and commissioning has been completed, Ofcom have estimated around 2.3m households could have their Freeview disrupted. I have posted a link which I believe explains things a little clearer.

Freesat will not be affected as transmissions are received via Sat Dish and not Digital Aerials. Anyone who is considering upgrading their TV within affected areas, I would recommend that they purchase a TV that Freesat tuner built as well a Freeview, they are a little more expensive or a Freesat box can be bought for around £30, if you already have a Sky dish which is not being used you simply plug the cable from the dish to the Freesat receiver and presuming your existing dish has not moved from its orginal position from adverse weather conditions,
you will receive Freesat.

How To Avoid 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Interference On Your TV Tradeworks Ltd
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