FREESAT / SKY / BFBS in Cyprus

I asked a similar question about Germany. I am enjoying FREESAT and I heartily recommend BBC HD. Top Gear looks great.

My parents (now retired) live in Cyprus, near Limassol. They currently have NOVA, but with loads of repeats & at €50 pm they are getting fed up with it.

I said I'd look into trying to get something else sorted out for them. They'd be quite happy with sort of selection you get on FREEVIEW.

Any sensible suggestions. The main constraint is that they can't have a huge dish fitted. (I know to get SKY you normally need a 2m-3m dish).
Tell them to have a look at showtime, its the equivient of Sky overthere, not too bad.

Edited to add, beaten too it by hhb, but BFBS 1 should install automatically when you start up your TV.
Thank you gentlemen. I will investigate.

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