FREESAT, SKY, BFBS and TV in Germany

Posted to BFG very shortly. I see BFBS has expanded its range slightly.

Last time I was there it was possible to get a SKY signal and I was wondering if it is possible to receive a FREESAT signal within BFG?

edited to add: I understand SSVC offer somesort of 'freeview' subscription for about 30 euros per month.

Can anyone update me on my options out there?
Freesat shouldn't be a problem though you will need more than a mini dish.
I am in Germany right now and it depends very much on where you are posted to. I am in an isolated location (as far as British troops are concerned anyway) and get something called "Direct to Home", it's limited to a few channels but its free, inclduing fiting. PM me if you want more on this
Thank you, that is most interesting. Apparently FREESAT uses the Astra 2D. I'm near the dutch border so a 75cm dish is in order. excellent!
If you are headed where I think you might be, some places round there are served by commercially provided cable - not such a wide choice as SKY, I will grant you but you can get the freeview UK channels plus a few others, about a dozen English language, if I remember rightly from JHQ last year....
You can get BFBS on the Freesat. I had to shell out for a larger dish (wanted the BBC and Channel4 etc) but the existing receiver was good for ASTRA2. I'm in the Hessen area so you can also listen to The Eagle (American Forces Radio). Beats BFBS hands downs. :headbang:

Edited to say: no subscription required.

Google will give you the answers for who does it in your area (if its not already fitted).
Living in an ISODET down near Munich, can anyone advise if Freesat is likely to work down here as BFBS box/pic is freezing every five minutes. Anyone got a link to Freesat coverage/footprint?
If you are in an area where you cannot get Sky, watch Sky it online using SkyGo. You will need to buy a monthly ticket from Sky and a VPN connection, but it works fine.
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