Freesat advice needed

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by drain_sniffer, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen

    Not really comp related but thought this is probably the best forum. Now, I want to set up freesat in my living room and 2 of the bedrooms. I want to put an HD freesat box downstairs and normal boxes upstairs. I should mention that I live in East Anglia, where freeview doesn't exist.

    I already have a sky dish fitted, and so here is the question.

    I don't want to pay £80 per box to install, when as far as I can make out, it is a simple case of fitting a new LNB(4-way) to the sky dish and running the cables through to the various boxes. Is it as simple as that? Also, something in the back of my mind seems to tell me that an HD box requires 2 cables from the LNB?

    Any guidance and advice from the collective knowledge of arrse would be welcome
  2. As long as you don't move the dish to change LNB's you should be ok.Correct, sky+ boxes need 2 cables from the LNB to the box.
  3. sky+ requires 2 cables in order to record one channel while watching another, hence 2 inputs. Im not up to speed on freesat but I would think that just for a normal non-recordable box that 1 feed per box would be sufficient.
    Just ask at your local electrical/installation retailer for advice (dont think they have started charging for advice yet)
  4. Although you can't receive it, come 2011 HDTV will be available from suitable aerials via Freeview, no satellite dish required. It's available now from Freesat and it be can recorded, with no subscription. "Freesat+" is in major retailers and catalogue stores. And there's a FreeSat loophole, if you can find it .....You can only get "Pay Once, Watch Forever" if you've not had a Sky contract before.

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    Well, I was bored :)
  5. Tremaine, your a star!
  6. not sure about loophole you mean. As I currently have sky, I cant order a freeview box?
  7. For interest only and by no means an endorsement/encouragement.

    Google holds many secrets
  8. Ahh, I see what you mean. I had guessed as much