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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hup-two-three, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. On arriving home from work last night I found a 'Redtop' on the doormat. It was a NuLab rag called The Rose.

    On the back page is a section exhorting the reader to "Tell us what makes you proud of Britain?" and post to Freepost Labour Party.

    Now, I'm sure we can all think of things we're proud of Britain for;

    like -
    Our armed services. Whoops! NuLab's cutting them out of sight.
    We're a Monarchy. Whoops! NuLab wants a republic.
    We don't need compulsory id cards. Whoops! NuLab is introducing them
    We don't lock people up without trial. Whoops! Nulab does.

    etc etc.

    My question is. Will the Freepost charge be levied against the labour party?

    If so, I intend sending them a letter a day. It'll help the Post Office, p1ss off the turkeys who have to open them and most importantly, hit NuLab where it counts - financially.

    Thoughts anyone

    The rag was ensorsed by such political heavyweights as
    Liz Dawn from Corrie
    Diarmuid Gavin - the incomprehensible gardner
    John McArdle of Merseybeat (whatever that is)
  2. Nice,

    go for it.

    I reckon we (that is those who dont support labour on here) could think of at least one issue a day to raise with the enlightend ones at New labour HQ.
  3. Can you post the address please?!?
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I believe that it is - maybe some RLC Postie will put us right, but i think that FREEPOST charges the 'owner' by the number of letters handled. Perhaps you could attach the letter to a brick or other large object!!
  5. Yep - it's simply:

    Labour Party

    I've got lots of envelops, (or at least a big company I know does) so I can
    just run a few off on my PC printer and drop them in the post. Don't even have to put anything inside.

    ho hum.
  6. One of the things that makes me most proud to be British is the good old London red brick, so I shall be posting a few off to 'Freepost Labour Party' :D
  7. Dr pepper alll over the screen (maybe i should send that to them care of FREEPOST Labour party :twisted: !!

    cheers guys
  8. Dear New Labour,

    What makes me proud of Great Britain?

    · The Monarchy – we are not a Republic, so stop behaving as if we are.
    · The Armed Forces – the best in the world. Invest in them. Stop tinkering.
    · Parliament – the original and best. Stop treating it with contempt.
    · The Rule of Law – including Trial by Jury. Do not erode this inalienable right. You can’t lock people up without a trial and them being found guilty by a jury. It is illegal. Stop trying to remove this fundamental element of the constitution (unwritten, but still exists).
    · Separation of Powers – vis a vis the Executive (Govt), the Legislature (Parliament) and the Judiciary (Courts). Take note Charles Clarke.
    · Sporting Achievements – stand up Kelly Holmes, Ellen MacArthur, Martin Johnson, Mathew Pinsent, the England Cricket Team, et al. Come on the British & Irish Lions. Remember – their success has nothing to do with politicians, so don’t pretend it does.
    · Sporting Events – The Boat Race, the Six Nations, the Ashes, Wimbledon, the Open, the FA Cup, Cowes Week, the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National, the Derby ad infinitum.
    · Our Role on the World Stage – until the illegal invasion and attack on Iraq, Great Britain stood for fairness, independence, common sense and impartiality. We need to regain this standing.
    · Driving on the Left – Just because Europe drives on the right, doesn’t mean we have to.
    · Hunting – You’ve admitted that it is all about class prejudice and revenge for the miners and not about poor little foxy woxy. Repeal this insane law now, and don’t meddle in things that you clearly don’t understand. Same goes for fishing, hare coursing, shooting and all other sports that can’t be played in Islington.
    · Eccentrics – Screaming Lord Such (RIP), Boris Johnson, Ken Russell, the Naked Rambler, Robert Kilroy-Silk, etc. Uniquely British.
    · The Countryside – not for building houses on, Prescott.
    · Heritage – Castles, cathedrals, statues and anything else pre-1997.
    · Great Britons – Wellington, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Faraday, Tim Berners Lee, Stephen Hawking, Walter Raleigh, Ranulph Fiennes, Francis Chichester, Churchill, Nelson, Florence Nightingale, Montgomery, Robert Falcon Scott, Captain Cook, Charles Darwin, et cetera, et cetera. Honour and celebrate their achievements, and don’t measure their supposed shortcomings against today’s values and political correctness nonsense. They made us GREAT Britain.
    · Common Sense – now unfortunately diminishing. Don’t prosecute the following:
    · Fisherman for catching fish
    · Drivers for eating apples
    · Grocers for using Imperial measurements
    · Home owners for defending their families and property
    · Multi-cultural Society – Variety is the spice of life, and a sensible immigration policy supports this. It is not racist or xenophobic to want to protect and enhance our society by controlling who does and does not live here; rather, it enhances the privilege of being British.
    · Free Speech – Celebrate the fact that I can write and publish a list like this and not be arrested. For now.
  9. Regain

    err, sorry - but we drive on the left. If not, let me know where you live, and I'll avoid.
  10. Just returned from Le Continent, hence sinister/dexter confusion. :?
  11. regain,

    excellent, but you forgot:

    The Empire: brought civilisation, the english language and parliamentary democracy to over half the globe! Ended slavery in Africa (which was started by Africans and Arabs), created conditions for India to become one nation, openned China to the world (and brought us Opium - whoppieeee) and compared to the French, Spanish, Portugese, Italians or Belgiums, allowed our colonies to have independence with little bloodshed!
  12. PY,

    Agreed - list was by no means exhaustive, but it is in the post to Our Dear Leader, sans stamp.
  13. What makes me proud to be British

    Democracy - one person one postal vote (except in Birmingham or if you are in the armed forces!)

    The health service - a one year wait for a hearing aid - CAN YOU HEAR US MR. BLIAR?

    Education - Grade inflation, bureacracy and poor discipline

    Committment to human rights - locking people up without trial.

    Our special relationship with USA - Do we look like poodles Mr. Bliar?

    Our consideration of others - visted the inujured at Selly Oak yet Mr. Bliar?

    The Royal Mail - Deliveries cut

    I am sure there bust be other things that make me proud - I'll think about it.

  14. Errr... are we sure that we (as honest tax payers) wont get stumped for the Freepost Charge by some clever accounting by some spotty 22 year old directed by 'The Enlightend One' and his merry band of followers.... :?

    Ooooops... theres me heading for house arrest .... hey hum... :roll:
  15. St Tony wants to erode the traditions of the British people because the youth of today are moving toward sa greater sense of "Global Village". Great, lets be part of the world but St Tony, don't allow all that makes us British be banned, subverted or criminalised just so you can try to relate with an 18 year old student body, who care as little for national politics as you do for the Armed Forces.