Discussion in 'Officers' started by visitingrock, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Just found out that a collegue of mine is a Freemason. He has made a no pressure offer to assist me in becoming a Freemason if I was interested.

    Now, I have heard all of the runours, however, before I went asking any more questions of what the hell being a Freemason is all about, I thought I would do a little research myself.

    I am sure that this thread will generate more than it's fair share of banter, however, if anyone can offer any constructive guidance either on the thread or by way of PM (significance, costs, commitment etc) it would be greatly appreciated.

    Don't know whether I will take up his offer, however, I am interested in finding out more to make an informed decision.

    Thanks in advance (for the advice and gags)

    Thought I would add, no I am not a journo and no this isn't a wahh.
  2. A Free Mason or a Freemason?

    One will offer to dress your stone for free (unlikely) and the other will offer to dress strangely and tear out your tongue and bury it somewhere - also for free (or 10% of your income). There is a difference!

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  3. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Oooooh Free Masons....I'll take a dozen ;)
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  4. Think I am looking at the tongue tearing group thanks :wink: (funny handshake etc)
  5. On a serious note, yeah go for it, did me no harm. It is not incompatible with your morals (even squaddie morals) or your beliefs, or scruples. After all, I joined and have no scruples
  6. Where did you get the 10% from? Is it a UGLE tithe? Here in Hungary it is a voluntary 1% (I tend to chuck in more at the Festive Board anyway).

    Back on topic: there are a couple of threads on here whereby people have a rant about Masons and others (myself included) defend the Craft from spurious attacks by the ignorant.

    If you want a balanced view on Masonry (I became a Mason only upon leaving the Army) then go to Google. Type in "Freemason bad" and read until you get bored. Then type in in "Freemason good" and do likewise.

    For all the claims of a secret society or even a society with secrets, everything has been posted somewhere on the internet: the only way you will be able to tell which bits about the rituals are true or false is by becoming a Freemason and finding out for yourself. I am still waiting to be told the detailed plans for our ruling the world (perhaps we already do?), and so far there have been no goats or naked women in any of the ritual :(

    From my meagre experience in the Craft I have found it a way of meeting like-minded people who have an interest in bettering themselves, doing good deeds for charity and getting sloshed at decent dinners. Others who have dipped their toes into Masonry have hated it and regard it as a bunch of silly old men wearing silly outfits.



    St.Stephens Lodge No 7
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  7. I would have thought that as a member of speshull forces you would have no need to become a member of another secret gang. However, whatever flicks your switch.
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  8. Ah, we meet on the level but we part on the square...being a mason is a time-honoured British military tradition as reflected in The Man Who Would Be King. However many military lodges are full of gits sucking up in the hope it will result in further promotion beyond their genuine capability. Luckily they are usually misguided.

    After all, I was Incipient Perspective Guardian of the Golden Temple of the Frog God for three years and I never got a regimental command...
  9. So what are the big ol' briefcases about then?
  10. The large briefcases are merely to carry regalia etc , sorry nothing sinister in them. Ask a Freemason , most will be only to pleased to show you what is in them.
    sorry to disappoint you .
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  11. MANY MILITARY LODGES????? There is only one left that has authority to travel with the unit and be a travelling lodge, there are however many military lodges out there, but only the one contines to travel with the unit, Where ever it may roam, including Iraq! Anyone know its name and the unit to which it refers??
  12. I know I repeated myself, myself!
  13. That would have to be the jock un-washed battalion. Don't they have a travelling Lodge? :D
  14. Lodgers hut number 69 part of 49 para
  15. Likewise, my advice would be 'join' asap-----my lodge a military one located in a city of Dark Satan Mills is currently going through a stage of being dragged from the grease and blood laden mits of the RAMC and RE's into the light of Inf and RM's. To date we have not successfully gained control of the local council, TAC or the local chippy but 'TOMORROW,OW,OW '.
    My best and true military Masonic story is centered on the Officers Mess at Sennelager when the RSM came to the main door and asked a very junior Subbie 'Excuse me Sir but who is on the square ? ( meaning the drill square opposite)' ---Well Mr XXXXX there is OC B Coy, Training Major, 2 i/c etc !!!!. Extras flowed
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