Freemasons - Security issues ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by TerryTowel, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. I am 23 years old and have successfully passed the criteria for entry to the Int Corps and start Phase 1 in the New Year. I have just be asked by a close friend of my fathers (a Police Officer) if I would like to be sponsored as a Freemason as he claims it would be helpful in the future.

    Having searched arrse there is a thread within the Officers forum that details a number of issues with regard to Freemasonry etc and in fact details there are number of `Service` Lodges.

    I obviously do not want to jeopardise any future career prospects so would be grateful for a PM with regard the following:

    1. Will membership affect my security status ? Obviously I have completed the relevant vetting procedure applications already and had no idea that this issue would come up.
    2. Would I have to declare membership if I am successful ?
    3. Does the Int Corps have its own Lodge ?
    4. If not does it come under an `umbrella` Lodge such as the `Rosemary` i.e Special Forces ?
    5. Should I just decline and wait until later on in my career ?

    The above is serious and I would appreciate understanding answers.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. There have been some threads on this subject in the past, and have basically been filled with prejudiced drivel from people who know little or nothing about it. You problem will be sorting out the wheat from the chaff that is going to appear.

    Bottom line - a close friend of your fathers wants to propose you, suggesting that it will be helpful in the future.
    As a mason who has not been a member of a lodge for the best part of 30 years I have to question whether or not this police officer should be a mason himself. It goes against everything the order stands for to be in it for what you can get out of it.

    If you are thinking of it for that reason, then you are not someone I would want to call a brother. Sorry if that offends, but you join for better reasons than that. For what you can put into it, not what you get out of it, particularly in relation to charity. I'd urge you to think carefully - has this police officer invited your father to join? If yes, then why has your father not suggested that he proposes you. If no, then why not?

    There are plenty of "military" lodges, but that does not necessarily mean that members are in the forces...
  3. You usually have your DV forms from your selection to fill in and hand in during basic. Though Im unsure how you would go about getting it filled in RE: Masons etc.
  4. TT there is no dramas in serving and being on the square. There is one story of a tough Navy SNCO Stoker being in the Chair of a Fleet Lodge overseas and getting 'saluted' by a member of Royalty who was visiting. The Masonic is all about contribution and what we can do to help others. You will meet like minded folk and it will improve your outlook on life and give you wisdom. We have a very strict code of conduct. In my lodge we have Cons as well as Senior Cops, Farmers, JCB digger drivers, RSMs, Retired Headmasters, Officers, SNCO's & JNCO's, Plasterers, Plumbers, Politicians & Pharmacists. A motley crue and fantastic mixture of age, experience & ability. We look out for each other but are not in it for self gain in any way. We are very charitable but discreet. We look after Masonic & Non Masonic causes. We only invite decent folk to join our ranks, by the very nature a serving Police Officer & Mason who knows your family has approached you shows that he thinks highly of you. I really enjoy the Masonic and have made great mates and found it to have made me a better person. Our traditions and teachings will do you no harm in the Army and will complement your service career.
  5. As in all things to do with Clearances, honesty is the key. Tell the truth during the vetting interviews and you should have no problems. I am sure there are plenty of Freemasons in the Corps. I served alongside a fullscrew who was a Mason.
  6. My advice is this - You must prioritise your military training as a first. Postpone your Initiation into Free Masonry until you have completed all of your training and are settled at your operational unit. In answering your points :

    1. Don't know as I am out of the system and am not current with how things are viewed these days.
    2. If you postpone your joining Free Masonry then the answer is academic. However, at a later date should the question arise during a screening process then tell the facts without equivocation.
    3. There is a Lodge with a predominance of Int. Corps members.
    4. No nothing to do with the Rosemary Lodge, other than belonging to a common fellowship
    5. Yes
  7. Gents, thank you for the prompt replies on the thread and the PMs from others.

    Overall thoughts are that I should wait until I complete the Int Corps training - it is tough enough I have been informed without other distractions !

    A couple of PMs I have received (presumably from currently serving Int Corps) contradict this as they say that the earlier that I identify myself to being a member the better it will be for me particularly if my intent is to have a long term career.

    Alec, you allude to a defined Int Corps Lodge or do you mean that here is a Lodge that has a lot of members due to location i.e Chicksands or the surrounding area ? I mentioned the `Rosemary`as a possibility due to the rose being part of the cap badge - I apologise for that mistake.

    I have done a lot for various charities since well before Uni and consider myself philanthropic to a high degree. This is one thing that I would like to continue and therefore being a member of both the Int Corps and a Freemason (additionally I am a committed Christian) would suit me. I only hope that membership can bring joy to not only myself but others - even if it is behind the scenes such as nuturing and motivating non members.

    My own thoughts are that I should accept the proposal but defer actually joining until I have completed at least a couple of months in training but also to volunteer during any vetting process that I will probably become a Freemason.

    Clearly, there are unfounded stigmas associated with Freemasonary. However, if there are that many in an an organisation that has trust and integrity as an important element in its make up it can only be a good thing.

    I look forward to meeting up with Int Corps lodge members in the coming years.

  8. TT a very mature and decent post. I can see why you were invited. You are exactly the calibre of cub we bring into our ranks. Complete your basic training and get the badge then join your Mother Lodge. Good luck son (& future Brother :wink: )
  9. Please pardon my confusion........I have always heard that you must approach them to join, that they never approach anyone. Is that just a national quirk?
  10. May be different in the US my friend, who sit under the Scottish Rite. We only invite Brethren to join us here in Ireland.
  11. I really don't know the first thing about freemasonry but these people say the following:
  12. Killaloe you are very much mistaken Brother, we irish masons are only too happy to respond to an approach from anyone interested in joining. I think perhaps you should read the relevant link from the Grand Lodge of Ireland website which Para_medic has kindly provided below your post.

    I hasten to add that responding to an approach does not mean automatic admission, just pointing out that anyone can apply and you dont have to wait to be invited to join.
  13. Certainly in Scotland it was and is never seen as a problem for anyone to approach and request lodge membership. That is exactly how I joined. I approached my father(a non mason) and asked him to put me in touch with someone who he knew to be a mason(obviously someone who knew me well enough to sponsor me, turned out to be an old neighbour) and the rest is history as they say.
  14. PappaRat, I just wanted to clear up some elements of your post which may cause confusion however unintentionally.

    Firstly you posted a link to the Circuit of Military Lodges and then suggested Lodge Glittering Star.

    Lodge Glittering Star is of course a Lodge under the Irish Constitution and as such is not entitled to membership of and is not related to the Circuit of Military Lodges which are all Lodges under the United Grand Lodge of England.

    The second element of confusion is that you relate that Lodge Glittering Star 322(IC) is the last of the travelling military lodges which is not true.

    St Patrick's Lodge 295(IC) warranted in The Royal Dragoon Guards is the last true travelling military Lodge as it's warrant allows it to meet wherever the Regiment is stationed (currently Catterick).

    You are correct that Lodge Glittering Star is a travelling military Lodge warranted to the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters. It does still meet and maintains the distinction of having a travelling warrant. However sadly it no longer travels with its Regiment and by kind permission of UGLE is permitted to meet within England. It is based in the West Mids.

    Both Lodges have been in existence for over 250 years within their regiments or their antecedents.

    I am a PM of St Pats and have visited Glittering Star several times.