Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Moon_Monkey, May 24, 2005.

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  1. What are the thoughts on Freemasons in the Army, more importantly the RMP, do you think there are many of them and is it a good thing or not? I personally have my own views on the subject but would be interested on what others have to say about the 'Funny hand shake club'!

    People often talk about how many there are in the civvy bill but I think there also alot in the Corps, wot's ya views folks?? Thought this thread would maybe start an interesting line!

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  2. I always thought the Freemasons were a back slapping bunch of freaks. That was until I read a rather good book called the Hiram Key. You'd be suprised how close the relationship is between the armed forces and the masons. All our historic querks are similar to that of the masons.

    The book gives a good insight into the handshakes, rituals and their history, all very interesting.

    Have a read then the discussion will be alot broader!
  3. Nope, not interesting at all. Although, my mate used to be a stone mason, shakes hands in a manner that is not funny at all. Probably just a different branch.
  4. Should be illegal in the army and the civil police!!
    I think after careful reading a soldier could have AGAI 67 Action taken against them just for being a member!!
    Does it stand up to the service test?

  5. Please explain why agai 67 action can be taken
  6. Why? What do they do that is illegal?
  7. Not a mason and never had the urge to be one. Several familly members are. I work for civvy police and have to say that in my experience the supposed back scratching is talked about far more than it actually happens.
    The one time when it was mentioned to me (a case of a corrupt officer who was high in the lodge) I was told that he would get off as the lodge would look after him. They did.. he was lodged in HMP for 5 years.

    Why the fixation over the police (military and civil) numerous regiments have their own lodges does this mean that any back scratching going on must be down to people being in a lodge?

    I would think more dodgy deals are done at golf clubs than at lodge meetings.. should we all now burn our clubs?
  8. As far as I am aware they do nothing that is illegal other than buggering goats on a full moon but there is a massive likelihood of it undermining military security and discipline as well as the rank structure.

  9. Why wait for the full moon?
    And how would it undermine security?
  10. [marq=right]Journo![/marq]
  11. Isn't that what Phase 2 trainees do in todays Army.
  12. dunno its a secret

  13. I think you are bang on.
  14. Some interesting, sensible (and not sensible) views. I have read the Hiram Key and a number of others and feel that Freemasonry is subjected to specualtion by the minority who feel threatened or fear those who are part of the 'club'. It is not a secret society, but a society with secrets and as for the golf comment, your probably right more dodgy dealings would go on in the club house, or the RBL than what ACTUALLY happens with Freemasonry and the Forces.

    There are a number of military lodges, however, only one left that still travels with the regiment wherever it goes, recently Iraq? Any ideas whose it is?

    As for seriously undermining authority, Freemasonry doesn't do that, but the Human Rights Act does!

    Journo....Mmm.....I don't quite think so...Just an interested serving member of the Glorious Corps.....EXEMPLO DUCEMUS..............

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  15. I cannot help thinking that it is fear or unknown type of thing or perhaps a fear of rejection that cause people to dis them