Freemasonry and the Army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arfur, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. No idea where to put this thread, so I stuck in here. I've noticed a few masonic symbols used as avatars for various ARRSE users. I was wondering, are there many military masonic lodges? Are there many regiments with strong masonic links?

    Just curious...
  2. The RMP have a Masonic Lodge and I guess a few others have as well. There is a link on the AGC forum on this 'Freemasons and RMP' I think it is called.
  3. 'FREEMASONS IN THE RMP' is the thread. Page 2 of the AGC forum.
  4. 'FREEMASONS IN THE RMP' is the thread. Page 2 of the AGC forum.
  5. Would that be the 'FREEMASONS IN THE RMP' Page 2 of the AGC forum, cheers just checking
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just remeber that the socialist rabble in power at the moment ASA 'Tony and his cronies' are anti-Mason. They don't like anything they can't control. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Saddam etc were anti-Mason so Tone's in good company.
  7. I shall add 'The Craven Cowan' to my list of Bliar synonyms.
  8. Thanks, all my questions are answered there pretty well.
  9. There are a large number of military lodges, why, are you interested ??
  10. You wouldn't be gathering information on a 'Shock! Horror! Army rife with Freemasonry' article for a tabloid by any chance, would you?
  11. That would be a waste of time there are many proper journalists in Lodges too.
  12. This has been done to death try a search, however try this link,

  13. I took your advice and did a search and WOW !! it has been done to death, however, as a new member to ARRSE, and with an interest in Masonry (not the stone type) it was pleasant to read back and find out views.
    I am sorry if I have awakened your latent liking / disliking / hatred / loving / loathing of Freemasonry.
  14. As an Ex serviceman and current Freemason, I would like to say there is nothing incompatable betweent the two. If you are at all intrigues I would suggest a vist to the United Grand Lodge of England, Queen ST London, then ask at a local lodge about it, most will have open days and visitors evenings throughout the year.

    You may think its full of ole duffers, some lodges are, some are not, in my lodge over half are under 40 (including me and another ex-serviceman) and at least 5 under 35.

    If your into a bit of history, a bit of "pomp and ceremony" and the chance to meet loads of new people all round the world, enquire to join, you never know you might enjoy it.
  15. Here here. I joined at 18yrs old. (Scottish Constitution)