Freeman bollix and Grant See

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Bushmills, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Girlfriend's 22 year old lad is a nice kid but a bit daft and has been influenced by this freeman philosophy.

    Apparently the grand poobar of the freeman movement in Australia is some loon called Grant See who claims to be former SASR. None of my contacts have heard of the geezer.

    Girlfriend's son got stopped by plod for not wearing a helmet on push bike (a legal requirement in Oz) and, having been influenced by this freeman bollix, refused to give name and found himself banged up. The kid now thinks he's Nelson Mandella instead of a naughty boy.

    Anybody know this See bloke? Any advice for talking sense to a daft 22 year old?

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  2. [​IMG]

    nothing wrong with SAS selection unless you follow a shorrt philosophy
  3. I do worry that the Fools Loose on the Land do occasionally infect otherwise harmless individuals (usually slightly dim ones) with their particular brand of lunacy.

    The Scots ones who keep referring to the sanctity of Magna Carta are among my favourites ...
  4. As Australian law is basically the same as British, the guy needs to say NOTHING, and make ozplod prove he is guilty of an offence. Seems a bit petty if story is gen...
  5. Why is he wearing garden gloves? Is weeding the top of Pen Y Fan an SAS core skill?
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  6. I'd be more worried about the trapping of the sling under the carry handle!.....
  7. What type of Rifle is that ?
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  8. Pouch on the right is undone too............. today a pouch............Submarine hatch tomorrow
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  9. I thought slings were frowned upon by that particular unit?
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  10. must be Aus selection
  11. You've got to be selected? I thought being sentenced and transported was usually enough?