Freelander for Sale

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by HEART_STOPPER, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. X plate (2000) Landrover Freelander for sale
    Removable hard roof
    Under 89,000 miles on the clock
    Last service 85,250
    Newish (replaced last november but the cars hardly been used) tyres and rear brakes done at the last service
    BFG'd till May 09
    Blue in colour
    Good runner and all round decent car
    Genuine reason for sale
    The price im asking is £2950 or very near offer
    Please respond by pm as next week this goes in the 6th sense

  2. What is a 'genuine reason for sale'?

    Is it:

    Genuinly cr@p off road?
    Genuinly not needed 'cos you're posted?
    Genuinly broken and about to fall into a pile of 15,000 pieces - just after the deal is signed?
    Genuinly too expensive to run and maintain?
  3. Has the head gone on it yet
  4. Geuine reason for sale is that once again the Prime Minister of this fine country we call home has decided that I deserve a x-mas holiday in the sun cheers Gordon appreciate that.
    Also been a busy year and the cars just not getting the use it should.(Med Man, Ex in Asia Optag then "Holiday" and due posting upon return and the wifes got a car.

    And no the heads not gone

  5. Collection requird though

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  6. What army patch you living on :?