Freeganism instead of PAYD?

The Missus got her own back for a weekend of Rugby and Football (Plus Ashes to Ashes, every Top Gear re-run on Dave/BBC3, Scrapheap Challenge, Al Murray, and anything on the History Channel with "WWII" in the title. I know I should get out more)

She made me endure Wife Swap, which involved a Millionaires wife swapping with some looney cultists called Freegans.

Basically this lot belive that God will provide in the form of "Bin Raiding" Tesco's skips, and live in Campers. However I was quite amazed at the grub they ended up with. (Which was fine apart from packaging damage, not even past its sell by date and sealed in plastic bags)

The only downside is that the son looked a bit disturbed, due to, for being percieved as a pikey, having the shit kicked out of him daily at school and years of being 3 feet away from Mam and Dad when they are on the job.

So to all the guys who are a bit short at the end of the month, I'll see you round the back of Lidl's, and if you see a box of Milk tray with a ripped box, that's Valentine's day sorted too.

Anyone else up for the freegan lifestyle, apart from the Religious bit?
What thte hell were they thinking of, giving this lot media exposure? As if the sponging doleys weren't bad enough already, they've got to go giving them religious status?

"Hey Mister Taxman! See that tax I don't pay? Well, I want a rebate 'coz it's my religion to not bother my arrse."

Hasn't anybody thought of the consequences?

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