Freefall Auction

Hardback, excellent condition and a fantastic book.

I wouldn't attempt to review but it's summary, a senior para reg Tom and Red Fred going SAS then having some major service related wobbles just about sums up the basic premise of the book.

The different tempo today is something that the author would inevitably be immersed in now and I know a fair few of his oppo's are active in security circles.

It's funny, relative and is blisteringly honest.

I picked it up for £20.00 so if we can double it were laughing).

(also, some lunatic gave me a big **** off bottle of Romanov Black Sambuca for my birthday, I'll throw that in as well if we can crack £50.00)
I read that a few years ago, good book so I will start it of at £25.73
As an attempt at a review, which I did in the book forum a few years ago and which I hope helps. As with a few posters on this site, I knew Nish throughout most of his military and post military career. We had a common interest in sport para. His book came out at a time post GW1 when Andy Mac's and Chris Ryan's had successfully hit the shelves. Nish was in 'B' Sqn and a colleague of the aforementioned 'authors'. He 'features' in Andy Mac's - '7 Troop' tome. Unlike the MacNab and Ryan GW1 exploits, Nish's book under the nom de plume of Tom Reid, tells the episodes of a young man's life as he succumbs to a mental illness. It is a unique story as a consequence and in complete contrast to the 'kill and tell' stories the public obviously favoured at the time.

The book commences with a very violent stabbing incident in a Swiss airport where Nish decided that he had to kill his female partner as the 'voices' in his head told him so. Mercifully, she lived and he was subsequently sectioned in a Swiss hospital to be eventually returned to UK. He was to spend what was to remain of his life in and out of hospitals. I last saw him at Hinton DZ in one of his less lucid phases but still Nish underneath it all. One of the highlights of Nish's book is the purchase of a Cessna 180 (? could have been a 182) which he determinedly flies from the Southern States of America to Shobdon in UK via Canada and Greenland. Few believed him at the time he flew a single engined aircraft that route using throughout a radio comms system which necessitated opening the a/c door and lowering a a lenght of wire attached to a brick.
Nish relates a few disturbing tales which to those gifted with hindsight would say the signs of stress were there and he should have been 'looked at' much sooner. He honestly describes the periods from extreme gregariousness to locking himself in his bunk accommodation playing his electric guitar at volume and ignoring the pleas of his squadron elders. Nish was on the op wherein Al Slater was murdered and later on was first on the scene when a close friend was killed in a flying accident during a sport para competition in Spain.
This book was already on the shelves, when he elected to take his life. May God rest his troubled soul,

Edited to add - £40 offer


Edited - just saw a post on the other forum - £ 361.00 bid from me.
Nish was one of lifes characters, I never knew but knew plenty of others who did, all had a good thing to say about him. Wish I could match your offer Al, alas things are tough at the moment,

wish you luck

chaps, humbled thanks.

One of Nishes very close friends is out here on Friday, I'll show him this thread.

He knows you too Alec_Lomas, needless to say I will be digging for dirt when I pick the gnarly old cnut up from the airport :)

Thankyou again, very very generous of you, cheers to the handsome spaniard too

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