freedom please

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by waterman, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. as we seen again today now butter is bad for you, like anything else we eat. im sick of the goverment trying to control us. i want the freedom back in this country. we have a law for everything now. as a policeman said to me a few months ago " if we want to arrests some one we will always find a reason" and if they just want to annoy someone just lock them up as we can keep them locked up for 24 hours no questions asked. councils have powers just walk into your home anytime they want. no evidence is needed just suspision. im afraid the goverment have lost their way PC recruiting has led to the wrong people getting jobs that they dont have the inteligence or common sense to do, and with all these new laws its seems the terrorists have won, ie does it make sense to have troops out in war zones to apparently protect this country and open borders!
  2. You should change your name to wasteman.
  3. Bye then.
  4. see what i mean no inteligent responce
  5. You are on a wind-up,aren't you?
  6. who me, just wanted peeps views or are does everyone believe what we are told
  7. I believe that you're boring. Does that count?
  8. Sentences begin with a capital letter. Fail. Spelling. Fail. Grammer. Fail. Butter is not necessarily bad for you. Fail.

    It is there already. Fail. Capital letter to start a sentence. Fail.

    No we don’t. Fail. Capital letter to start a sentence. Fail.

    What country was this in? Fail. Capital letter to start a sentence. Fail. PS. A Policeman once said to me. “bollix bollix bollix” as well, does not make it fact. Fail.

    Spell checking is not hard. Fail. Capital letter to start a sentence. Fail. Where is the Councils Power of Entry link? Fail.

    Haven’t got a clue what you are trying to say here. Fail. Spelling. Fail. Grammer. Fail. Fail. Fail.

    See me after school.

  9. Bore off
  10. OK :roll:

  11. Oh no he's Welsh too!
  12. Ohh did i say something wrong or are you loyal socialists to commrade brown, or are you policemen, or just to thick to see what is going on around you..well hopefully when the tories get in cut all none jobs in councils, police back walking the streets, hospital managers sacked , doctors back to working weekend call outs for their 100k, cut everything to the bone, then we can make everyone look after them selves not pampered by the state, cut taxes and work or starve. if young girls get pregnant no automatic housing, no entry for immigrants without work to go to.. yeh that will do for a start.. more cuts to come..numpties
  13. I was going to respond but I checked the meter first

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  14. Not really Welsh - from North Wales so Scouser in my book.

    Capitals and punctuation might actually make your rants readable. Occasional lapses are fair enough but if you can't be bothered to include any, why should anyone bother reading?
  15. GrammAr. Fail