Freedom Parades

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dry_Clean_Only, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Currently having an excess of morale, as, as a unit we exercised our right to march through Uxbridge with bayonets fixed on Saturday and it was hugely satisfying to get among out in No2's and march proud. Despite I think many of the locals thinking we were returning from a op tour as a unit and probably thus a regular unit, it really has left my sqn buzzing.

    We parade as a sqn a couple of times a year, but this was the first time that I've noticed the considerable increase the experience as had in morale for all. I guess it is the same for anyone else, but as I'm particulary chuffed right now, thought I'd mention it. :D
  2. 217 Fd Sqn (EOD) got the freedom of tunbridge wells recently; i had the honour of bearing a colour (admittedly a cadet one since they invited local cadet corps to send clour parties to the event); but it was a great event, and made me feel proud seeing all the people there who'd came to watch (waving little plastic flags no less).
  3. chrisg46

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    Never done a freedom parade of my own town, but done one in Windsor (and a colours parade there too). Each time, it had been dreaded beforehand, but enjoyed by all on the day. The Colours parade will stay in my memories for the rest of my life.
  4. As a civvy, I was happy to be in my city recently to welcome back a TA unit who had been in Afghanistan. I think what happened in Luton a while back hit the ordinary people of this country. Most don't do an awful lot of protesting but some of us were shamed into realising that we were being lax in our support. Not only did I clap and cheer but it made me feel pretty good to see the faces of the guys (no gals) enjoying their day! Thanks guys and gals, I for one appreciate what you do. :D
  5. My unit has one soon, It's going to be a good day becuase the police say there' going to bee 2000+ people there. =D
  6. I did the "Freedom of Western-Super-Mare"!

    Deep deep deep resentment at giving up my sunday to parade around in blue
  7. Have marched proudly on two freedom parades in number two's plus the honour of being in a queens honour guard some years ago. I thought my chest was going to burst with the band playing and the crowds cheering marching at 140 paces per minute. Topped off by hearing my little girl of a couple of years old (then) during the supposedly 'quiet' bit of the parade, yelling at the top of her voice "Queen! I've got some flowers for you... QUEEN!!! Her Majesty duly followed my daughters orders, walked across to her in the crowd and took the bunch of somewhat well squeezed and shaken flowers. Much to her delight (daughters) and mine, struggling to stay rigidly to attention with a large lump in my throat and a moist eye.... Ah, nostalgia, it just aint what it used to be!
  8. This will be my 2nd this w/e ......
  9. I watched the Royal Welsh parade through Neath a few weekends ago, very good it was too. The town was packed all along the route. Must have been a few thousand there. During the Welsh national anthem the whole crowd joined in and it made Twickenham seem quiet!
  10. That is a truly beautiful tale..I suppose the only thing it was missing was a description of the sound of tens of racks of medals jingling slightly as 30 pairs of boots slammed in...oh wait ..hang on :D