Freedom of thought, Freedom of speech, Freedom of expression

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RCSignals, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. .............Doesn't always apply.

  2. B'nai B'rith? Weren't they the same mob who got David Icke (Greeenpeace lizard hater) banned from speaking in the land of the Maple leaf? I have no truck with any denier of the Holocaust, living as I do within spitting distance of the Belsen Gedenkstatte, however this nutter's right to spew his vile propagandist ravings surely should be upheld as much as any straight- baiting peacenick whale fancier, or has the definition of free speech been given yet another overhaul a la George Orwell? More port...
  3. Agreed. I think I'm right in saying that in Germany denying the Holocaust is a criminal offence, but then you can possibly forgive them their sensitivity to the subject.

    Even so, it takes irony to new heights when free speech is suppressed as a bulwark against fascism.
  4. There is freedom of speech then there is telling unpleaseant lies again and again .I have no sympathy for groups claiming freedom of speech who would curtail it themself if they ever got in power .
  5. I must agree with woody. With freedom of expression comes responsibility. This guy was spouting anti-semitic, anti-black and pretty much anti-anything not white rhetoric. This is not acceptable today and we wouldnt except that from any minority in this country (unless they are gonna vote for el capitan! :twisted: )

  6. Surely the whole point of freedom is that you can say whatever you believe. Just because we know he is talking utter sh!te and his views are abhorant to us, does not mean he can't say what his beliefs are. Remember that views are subjective and we probably upset him with ours. This is just another case of government being PC and censuring how we think and what we say.
  7. The old cliche of defending the right of any f*ckwit to speak his lack of mind still holds true. In any case I'm sure that Messrs Sue, Grabbit & Run or any other legal firm will happily oblige anyone with enough dosh in sueing said F*ckwit for slander, defamation or whatever, if what is being said is palpably untrue. Surely this is better than scary laws like the racial/ religious hatred thingy which it seems can be used for all sorts of nefarious purposes.
  8. Excellent post Woody.
  9. Exactly - our Queen is the head of a church that bases its ideology and philosophy on a 2000 year old fable about a bloke who some people allege was the son of God. Who's to say if it's true or not - but we respect people's right to believe. Personally I think it's a daft fairy story, about as true as Santa Claus and the magic pixies, but I don't want her locked in the Tower for being insane!

    Woops...I think there's some coppers at my door....
  10. In the US Constitution Freedom of Speech and Expression was meant to protect the people from the government when they spoke out against the government and its policies. This is evident since slander is not accepted and screaming fire in a crowded theater are not protected.

    Currently the 9 men and women in black have declared that pornography, obscene and offensive art and other non-sense constitutes freedom of speech...

    Zundle is an arrse and should be beaten with a rusty hammer and then set on fire.
  11. Chalk and cheese illogical cr@p. It's not to do with sympathy its to do with freedom you cnut.

    Who decides what is true and what is not? Quis custodet custodes eh?

  12. Who says it is not acceptable? You? Me? TCH?

    Bunch of DDR Lib/Lab groupies
  13. [quote="Benjaminw1
    Who decides what is true and what is not? Quis custodet custodes eh?

    Hello Pot, this is kettle over:
    Try "quis custodiet ipsos custodes" :twisted: .

    IMHO, too much worrying done about people being offended. My right to offend is more important than their right not to be offended - especially if I wasn't talking to them in fist f@cking place!
  14. I belive the canadians are taking a refreshingly old fashioned view on this chap.
    German likes hitler obviously a wrong un (':twisted:')
    lucky he was'nt shot as a spy (':roll:')
  15. that man was telling offensive lies deserves everything he gets
    some truths are true water wet fire hot nazis bad .
    Benjamminn 1 do you believe nutter who say the holocaust never happened should be able to spread lies as history ?
    you wouldnt want some idiot telling people on tv that you can take drugs and fly why should he be able to lie and get away wit it