Freedom of Speech

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Darthspud, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Can we lock up all comedians

  2. If this law is passed , should it be retro-active?

  3. Are we all to become humourless Germans?

  1. Is the proposed law an infringement on our (already)endangered civil liberties?
    Is Big Brother going to be watching and listening to us all ,just in case we say something that just might be construed as intolerant,on ethnic/religious/colour issues.
    I personally can't wait to see Warren Mitchell (Alf Garnett)in the dock , or the cast of Goodness Gracious Me or even Lenny Henry.
    If this law does get passed by the Nanny state in power , we all will have to just become mere boring grey characters.
  2. " No Comedians, please"

    (CSgt Bourne calling the roll after Rourke's Drift -ZULU.)

    This legislation is frightening. Everyone has said something off- colour (Geddit?) at some time or another, and presumably could now be charged for saying what they think. That swine from the BNP is a case in point - being arrested charged and tried for saying what he believes. I don't remember who said it first, but "whilst I deplore what he says, I will defend to the death his right to say it" sums up my position.

    Orwellian overtones are everywhere nowadays, don't you think?
  3. Political Correctness gone mad :roll:

    I too deplore some comments made by these more radical political/relious persons but what ever they say, the vast majority of law abidding citizens will ignore it and treat it with the contempt they deserve.

    So if it is passed, will it be weilded by the Police with the same vigour as the new terror laws? i.e. heckle at a Labour party conference and your nicked 8O
  4. Apologies to whoever coined this, but it is apt:

    Somebody should point out to the government that George Orwell's 1984 was meant to be a warning, not an instruction manual.
  5. I suspect it will be wielded much the same as the fox hunting legislation. Challenging the masses on such morally 'grey' ground will require a massive prison-building programme.
  6. My take on this debate is that there is a massive imbalance of freedom. Liberal philosophy supposes that there are two types of freedoms: positive and negative freedoms; also described as freedom to and freedom from. Whilst a citizen might demand of the State the right to publicly declare his thoughts on such matters as race and religion, another citizen who is of a different ethnic group and of a different religion might demand of the State the right to be protected from hearing those publicly declared thoughts.

    The nanny-state that we have in the UK proves that the government has more in common with the old-style Labour Party than many of us think: the dictatorial and patronising way that we’re told what we’re allowed to think and say shows that the government is happier to restrict freedoms than to encourage them and evenly moderate the extremes that challenge society.

    Whilst accepting that this government faces the potential for more social upheaval than previous governments, due to global influences, their knee-jerk policies demean the ability of the common man to moderate himself and merely sow the seeds of resentment and dissent. It is typical of this government that instead of making the decision to tackle the real problem and go after the serious offenders (of all races, religions and political persuasions) that they choose to target the reasonable man and make his beliefs appear unreasonable.

    PS Themanwho – you’re thinking of Voltaire.
  7. Reminds me of the lady who was arrested by half the Met for staging a peaceful protest about the Iraq war in Whitehall.

    If Nick Griffin, chief BNP bod, is convicted it will set a seriously worrying precedent. I'm speculating here but I think the audience were probably told 'come see Nick Griffin, extremely right-wing nationalist, talk about how shit the country is becoming because of immigrants'. If people didn't want to be offended by this guy they should have simply chosen not to go to the meeting. I'm sure everyone there was a consenting adult and knew what to expect.

    At the other end of the spectrum you've got the Police investigating Weakest Link host Anne Robinson for saying things like 'the Welsh are stupid' and 'I hate Welsh people'. I'm not Welsh, but if I was I would not take offence at these comments - I would recognise it was just her combative style.

    The PC, tree huggy, woolly jumper brigade are making a mockery of Britain. The lunatics are running the asylum.
  8. Political correctness is mad full stop, and doesn't need to go mad!

    If this hadn't been talked about for quite a while on initial inspection you would have thought it was a knee jerk reaction to something!

    Is it just me or does the government just go to far all of the time? Surely even a politician could see that this being passed through would be the potential for so many problems. The fact that it is so open to interpretation is a complete pile of poo!!

    Nanny state 2010 : Major law passed to the effect that you may only pass wind inside a toilet, anyone found farting in public will be strung up from the nearest lampost by a community warden.

    It's just another symptom of the state and government... :cry:
  9. ah, i see Tony Bliar is determined to create another line of business for Matrix Chambers!
  10. I know that Rowan Atkinson and several other leading comedians are deeply worried about the forthcoming legislation. Under the new laws "The Life of Brian" one of the iconic British films of the 20th century would be considered incitement. It would be impossible for anyone to make a sequel. These laws are not about protecting minorities, these laws are about silencing dissent. The government will no doubt say that these powers won't be abused, just as they said the Serious Crme Bill wouldn't be abused and yet a peace protester was arrested and charged for reading the names of the dead at the Cenotaph. What is happening to our once free and democratic country is truly sinister.
  11. How easy is it to emigrate? This country is going to the wall. Have to agree with themanwho. I don't agree with what you say, but will defend your right to say it. Why can't i say what i think. Surely the whole evolution process works through discrimination.

    I don't discriminate against colour or creed or sex, i think all lazy, benifit grabbing scum are wnakers. (And thats not only the politicians)
  12. Thanks Dozy, I always get him mixed up with The Pub LandLord. :D

    As you infer, this is a government that whilst dressed in the clothes of liberalism(with a small "L"), is in fact the most proscriptive that we as a nation have suffered under since Cromwell was Lord Protector. What will be next? I shudder to think.

    Mind you I wouldn't fancy being dressed in the clothes of liberalism with a large "L" - pvc lycra with bondage attachments anyone?
  13. Are we allowed to have an opinion, and if we are - are we allowed to voice it?

    The thought-police are here, Orwell was right!
  14. You can have any political opinion you want, if you voice it however, you risk prosecution if it is deemed to be "offensive". As far as I'm concerned, providing your intent is not to incite violence and provide you use the truth and that your intent is to encourage legitimate debate, then you should be allowed to speak. What we are seeing now is the law of unintended consequence, the more the Liberals impose their own agenda, the more illiberal become their methods and the more people that resent the loss of freedom and democracy leading to more determination to fight back.