Freedom of Speech or abusing the British way of Life ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Pararegtom, Mar 13, 2009.

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  1. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    just picked up the London Evening Standard on the way home from the office, Banner Headlines I want to see the Flag of Allah flying over Downing St. So I read the article very well written by David Cohen who is interveiwing Anjem Choudary, who appears to be a British born Pakistani , Mr Choudary is an (allegedly) qualified Soliciter, who also seems to be claiming state benefits.

    you can read the article on

    here are some bullet points of the article
    . on the ultimate aim
    Through Jihad we,ll fly the flag of allah above Downing St.

    .On returning British troops
    They were cowards engaged in state sponsored terrorism
    . On punishment
    Anyone intoxicated by alcohol would get 40 lashes in public. Adulterers would be stoned to death.
    .On dress code
    Every woman, whether Muslim or non -Muslim , would cover everything apart from her face and hands.
    . On Claiming Benefits
    It,s a way of demonising me and it,s irrelevant to my ideological views.

    So there it is, I,m glad he,s enjoying my Tax money, why can,t we deport this kind of lunatic fringe.
  2. What time do you finish work? No wonder this country is going to the dogs,work shy gits like you skiving off early.You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Good on you,especially if you started at 05:30!Enjoy your pint later!
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    "The word of one man equals that of two women"

    Sounds fair to me.

    Beep, beep - ah, that's mine folks, anyone seen my coat?
  4. People such as Mr Choudary should look at the Islamic states. Most of which are third world sh1t holes on the brink of war in some form or another.

    Mr Choudary should also accept that people who are born in Britain are British.

    Mr Choudary should accept that everyday he lives here he accepts handouts from the murderers he names and what little he pays in taxes funds the war in Iraq.

    Mr Choudary should accept that he is a hypocrite and a cnut who wouldn't know a genuine Iraqi/Afghan if he was stood in front of one saying "Mr Mr Give me Water as the sh1tty state I live in has gone to pieces and I haven't got a pot to p1ss in"
  5. Whats his views on poofters i bet they arent complimentary yet if i were to spout them id be arrested and i find it hard to see how our liberal gobment can tolerate his views yet believe in equal rights for gays and wimmen etc.
  6. oh but that's all our fault innit!
  7. Nobody is doubting that are government is about as equally balanced on these issues as a fat bird and her child on a see saw.
  8. Damn, can't post what I really would like to say?
    But you know Pararegtom?
  9. One of the comments on the Evening standard website:

    "He is clearly of genocidal disposition. Just retribution for such an endeavour, were he to attempt it, could well involve flying Mr Choudary from the Downing Street flagpole with a rope around his neck."

    Well said that man :thumleft:
  10. Just read the article, and saw him on TV the other morning. The bloke is a complete tw@t and needs to be tried for treason against his country! After all...he is proud to state the fact he is British!

    Is it too much to ask our government to stop trying to be nice to these sort of people and actualy grow some balls and do something about it? If it were a white british christian demonstrating, and had a plackard denouncing the koran and calling all muslims suicide bombers and murderers, would they be allowed to do demonstrate??? I think not!

    The BNP must be rubbing their hands with idiots like these, as they must look more inviting all the time to the normal, everyday life loving british there any wonder?
  11. 40 lashes for drinking alcohol. Don't let nulabour see that one, it'll be Dawn Primarolos new policy idea in the war on the demon drink 8O

    Seriously though, surely if you do nothing but spout this sort of anti British kak you're commiting some sort of offence. Like treason perhaps.
  12. That would make him British not pakistani then ? either way death to the Emperor Ming.
  13. Drunken adulterers ... can they elect to take the forty lashes after they stoned to death ? And what are they getting stoned on ?
  14. Is it the other lot who have a caste system ?

    Gays are Caste Irons.

    I just got an image of our subject signing on dole

    Dole Clerk "Any work to declare this week Mullah"

    Mr Choudhury "Only voluntary work lashing and stoning people"

    Dole Clerk "So you were not actively seeking and available for paid work we will have to stop your benefits"

    Mr C "I will claim to Race Relations and Human Rights I must have my giro"

    Dole Clerk "I can confirm that this week I am De-moneyising you"
  15. Until the police are released from their ties of 'correctness' to the government; and until 'common sense' is restored to the 'clowns' governing us, then we shall be powerless to act against the 'fox dropping' whose tirade was reported in the Evening Standard today.

    PS: The Evening Standard has recently changed hands and is now owned by a Russian. The papers 'lurch' to the left is so pronounceable that I have, after fifty (?) or so years, decide not to buy one again.

    'Brown can do no wrong; Cameron is a waste of space' - no thinking in the writing, no arguments, no facts - not worth the 50 new pence.

    Sad really, when it is remembered we, in London, had 'The Star', 'The Evening News' and the old 'Evening Standard'. Some may remember the cry: 'Star, News, 'Stanudd''.