"Freedom of Speech is a plague" Danish Muslims view...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jim30, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. Got this off the BBC - scary stuff. Has it not occured to the idiots that its not a plot against Islam, but a reaction to their plotting to kill a cartoonist that sparked this current crisis?
    Once more Islam demonstrates why it should be outlawed in the 21st century.
  2. Freedom of speech is a plague. Just ask Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler, etc. Oddly enough Abu Hamza never complained about it.
    Not that I am implying dual standards, but if the turban fits, wear it.
  3. Is this going to be another all Muslims are bad thread? Just checking.......
  4. More of a all idiots/extremists are bad thread I would have thought. It's just that today's idiot extremists from the article are Muslims.
  5. And yet.....

    If we agree that the idiots today happen to be muslims then I think we can agree that the above statement is bone.

    Equally I think the "protesters" (whipped up by Hizb ut Tahrir) should shut the feck up. Don't like the fact that Mohammed is depicted in a cartoon? Tough - go somewhere where it is not allowed.
  6. I wonder what would happen if the Mony Pythons crew did a "Life of Brian" poking fun as Islam and not the Christians as they did!

    And of course on both sides of this devide, there are those who take issue with what to those with Common Sense, see as a bit of harmless fun.

    I can't believe we are even having this conversation, perhaps I should change my religion NOT!

    Again, it has never been about religion, it is ALL about power and the supression of the masses, look at Communisim and the the idiots in the Third Riche. Set up and pick upon the minority group and make the majority strong.
  7. Until recently I would have described myself as a tolerant individual. However the repeated attacks that O have seen on comon sense by individuals who happen to be Muslim has made me realise that Islam as it currently stands is simply incompatible with 21st century life. Any religion that puts a woman in prison and beats her, for the crime of sitting in a family area of a starbucks in Riyadh, while sitting with a colleague is beyond the pale in my book. I simply have no time anymore for those who whine that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, and then parade calling for the execution of a woman teacher whose child happened to call a teddy bear Muhammed. I fear the backlash of my countrymen now, as more and more of the silent majority become angrier and angrier at what Muslims are doing worldwide. I genuinely fear that if we do not take strong steps now, we are sleepwalking into a land where the BNP and its deeply unpleasant views are seen as the norm...
  8. Is a bit OT, but a friend of mine here in US in going to be a teacher - one the classes you must take is 'Understanding Diversity' - all right, fair enough. But what is taught is that all cultures are equal in value and must be accepted as such. I disagree - for some of the very reasons you mention above.
  9. Most of the worlds religions preace Peace and Love, however, as with the way that the words have been written, there are times when in translation the purity of the text is lost.
    Again living in the 'Global World', when the PM of India farts, we smell it seconds after!
    Tollarance and understanding of others seems to have gone right out of the window, this is only being added to by those with a personal agenda, where power then corrupts and devides communities.
    We are ALL members of the so-called human race, one wonders?
    Very occasionally someone a bit special comes along, but then othere will cause their death, as those with corrupt power want to keep it.
    I have to say that IF I was a Muslim right now, I would be to say the least concerned no matter where I was living, be it a Muslim coutry of here in the West. I would be even more worried IF I was a woman in a Muslim country.
    There is much that we could find fault in within Islam and they say tha same about us christians and until we can put our difference aside and find something that binds us together, we will continue to find fault and the division we have at present.
    Although I do believe the Danes are right.
    It's a bit like fighting a bully, if you don't react, they won't do it, especially if you can isolate them by reasonable means
  10. Not so much bone as an overreaction.

    For years we have told that the people (such as those) linked to in the opening post are a very small % of Islam and the majority of muslims are peaceful people. This is something I have accepted as true for years. Recently it has occured to me that there is precious little evidence for this.

    If Christians where to hold such a protest as seen in London a few years ago I would bet that there would be plenty of Christians criticising them. Yet we see no such reaction from moderate muslims making it clear that the extremists do not speak for them. Perhaps that is something you can explain? I can accept that the media in general do not report the views of reasonable people as eagerly as those of extremists but muslims distancing themselves from the nutters is almost unheard of.

    Every large Islamic protest that I can recall has been about something that is abhorent to the way I have been brought up and the values that I consider to be good.
  11. I've never felt comfortable dealing with any person or organisation that cannot laugh at himself/herself/itself and I'm afraid I have to put Islam in the category of an institution with no sense of humour. Jews, Christians, Sikhs I have found have that ability to laugh at the absurdness that an overzealous adherance to a religion can bring, but I have yet to speak to a Muslim (and I meet and deal with many on a daily basis) who are able to discuss Islam without "going into one" as the they say these days. I personally don't have any deep religious views but I would respect the right of anyone to hold them, just don't demand that I change my way of life just because it doesn't conform with a religion developed and based in the Middle East.
  12. I take it she is not going to be a teacher in Montana or Texas :D
  13. In todays news:

    "Hundreds of Danish Muslims have been demonstrating in Copenhagen against the reprinting of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad they consider offensive.

    The cartoon depicts the Prophet with a bomb in his turban.

    All major Danish newspapers decided to republish it after Danish intelligence said it had uncovered a plot to kill one of the cartoonists.

    Protestors marched in the capital's streets shouting "God is Great!" and "Freedom of speech is like a plague!" .

    Many carried the black and white flags of Hizb ut-Tahrir - the radical Islamic party that calls for the creation of a caliphate.
  14. To condemn the whole of Islam because of the lunatic and utterly un-representative fringe is symptomatic of the appalling racism and Islamophobia that has a grip of the media across Europe and the USA. Apply the same logic and we should ban Christianity on the same grounds if we take these lunatics to be representative of all Christians. I am quite sure that 5 minutes would allow you to call for banning Judaism, Sikhism, Wicca et al.

  15. That would be true if the nutters truly are a very small minority. Do you have any evidence for that?

    Islamaphobia implies an irrational fear. Yet almost everything we hear about Islam implies we should fear it. The values of fundamentalist Islam are incompatible with modern western values.

    The same does apply to fundy Christians as well but I have seen no evidence that they form a large % of Christians in general and hardly exist at all outside the USA. That church you link to has 150 members, I know there are more daft Christians about but it is hardly a significant minority.

    I find it strange that you concentrate on European and USA media as being in the wrong considering cases such as the calls for death on a woman teacher that allowed pupils to name a teddy bear Muhhamed and the death sentence upon the Afghan journalist for downloading info about womens rights. In Saudi women are not allowed to drive and in other muslim states women are not=to men. Yet you are saying it is the west that is unreasonable.