Freedom of speech ARRSE style

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_REME, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Cpunk,

    Which part of the thread did you lock it for?

    This thread

    Value to who?
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Hmmm it does seem like Cpunk is acting on a whim based on his own tastes, which is not what moderators are there for, well maybe in the NAAFI but not CA.

    Cpunk, have a word mate.
  3. No, getting tired of this. Some people go off on one, the rest of us can't discuss the key political issue of our time. Cpunk throws the word 'Nazi' around too often, too quickly. Then he sacks threads he's tired of. Hmm.
  4. Christ alone knows I rarely agree with foaming at the mouth islamophobes, but - sorry CPunk, that was just plain wrong.

    How can you bin a thread because it bores you? This is CA - news and analysis. How can you analyse anything if you will not allow the public discussion?

    Yes you will get your fair share of mouthbreathers, but unless you allow the more extreme idiots to sound off you will never get the more balanced view which has, oftentimes, forensically dissected the BNP recruiting sergeants argument in the public domain.

    That, IMHO, does more for the reputation of this site than anything else.

    So - sorry Cpunk, you were just plain wrong on this one.

  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Immigration, race, Islamist terrorism, religion etc etc are all legitimate topics for discussion in the current affairs board. However, the endless repetition and re-statement of ignorant prejudices do not, in my opinion, constitute a debate. Looking back through yesterday's thread we learned:

    1. Armourer/Bugly/ViolentBadger still hates Muslims a lot.

    2. The_Cad is being careful to avoid overtly racist statements to avoid being banned again.

    3. Some other members of Arrse don't hate Muslims as much as Bugly, but they still feel uncomfortable around them.

    4. Taz_786 knows some Deobandis who play football.

    5. Rumpelstiltskin has demonstrated that some British Muslims are fed up with the role of the MCB.

    This was in 19 pages of so-called debate, based on a letter written to a newspaper by a man who was once an MP because he has the same name as his Grandfather, which was itself based on a slightly mysterious 'police report' which appeared in the Times a few weeks ago.

    I'm happy for everyone involved in that thread - and any others which discuss 'Muslims' - to crack on, provided they follow the normal rules for civilised discussion: stick to the topic at hand, bring a few verifiable facts to the table and treat each other with a reasonable amount of civility.

    But if they don't, the thread gets binned.
  6. Seems very reasonable, although I do think that we pussyfoot around these "sensitive" subjects a little too much, it is good to see that commonsense prevails and that exremist remarks (from either side of the house) will not be accepted.

    It is unfortunate that a whole thread has to go, when the source of offense may only be a couple of individuals, at the same time MODS have enough to do and don't always have time to be selective.

    Perhaps contributors might think before they send!
  7. Even if they do, the thread still gets binned. I was under the mistaken impression that the moderators were there to ensure a level playing field rather than to impose their own predjudices on reasonable and interesting debate.

    Freedom of speech is non negotiable CPunk, by your own actions, you act in a manner that actually smacks of the fascism you supposedly oppose.

    You cannot preach democracy and then deny it to others, that is the governments job.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    This particular subject is bound to raise temperatures and a full debate needs to be had.

    There will be those with an extremist view and that’s what makes this board so great, if you talk crap people will show you up for it not just ban you for your opinion.

    Those who’ve been around long enough will know what happened to an American board some of us used to use when the moderator there stifled debate based on her opinions.

    Cpunk, don’t take this the wrong way but if you don’t have time to wade through the endless debate and moderate reasonably, as you intimate when you locked the thread, feel free to not be a moderator here.
  9. Well I think cpunk does a wonderful job and I want to have his babies.
  10. I am in agreement with the majority on this. Although it does often fall into an argument between the extreems, some good debate can be found somewhere in mist off it all, and by styfling such debate gives more power to the extreem right with the "I told you so" argument.

    Poor desicion in my opinion
  11. The problem is, any view that contadicts the current politically correct party line is deemed to be "extremist".

    In my humble opinion, the real extremists are those imposing their dangerous multi cultural policies on a people who were never given the opportunity to vote or even debate on the issue.

    CPunks actions are merely confirmation that even on arrse, there is no real freedom of speech.
  12. I hate all muslims, and they should all die in boiling oil, or worse ;)

    Bin this thread :):):):)
  13. i go with DS here, if we dont allow any debate no matter how spitefull at times then we have surrended to the extremism of PC and retoric
  14. I do not believe in the freedom of speech!

    ... because I was brought up by politically correct parents... and we learned to say what we thought the others wanted to hear... consequently we all grew up happy in our cocoons... and it was very very nice. But for some odd reason the neigbourhood went to sh1t so we had to move.
  15. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Sadly, in this country, at this time, it seems that 'freedom of speech' means only freedom to parrot the party line. Even freedom of thought is condemned.
    I would rather not generalise about people, race, religion, sex or colour, but be more specific. There are people of all hues and thoughts that I dislike, and a lot that I adore, yet if we begine to question the vailidity of a belief - other than Christianity it seems - or the aims of a country, or the hatred that some groupings have for us, then we are labelled. If we question a government policy, particularly one that touches on immigration, then we are labelled revisionists, racists or nazis.
    The right to say and think what we want was earned in blood and bodies for us by previous generations, and it is a massive betrayal of them that we can no longer excercise this right.