Freedom of Speech and protest for families of fallen soldier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bobthedog, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Manchester city council has banned families from protesting outside next weeks Liabour conference. To think their loved ones died for their country and the families cannot protest about it!

    Again "health and safety" is used to stifle legitimate protest, and the council are trying to convince us that its not political!
  2. Fcuking filthy fcuks

    I REALLY hope they reap the benifit of this action at the next Council elections
  3. Isn't it amazing, we are allegedly fighting to bring democracy and freedom to other nations whilst being denied the very thing at home we are supposedly fighting for.

    Does anyone really think this is about Health and Safety?

    We need to find out the details of the individuals that made this craven decision and ensure they are spread across this website and many others.

    Hopefully when the people of Manchester cast their votes, they will remember the fallen and how they have been betrayed and tick their boxes
  4. Behold and witness "Bliars" legacy to his humble people!
  5. I hope Rose does her protest anyway. We will see if this Govt will sanction the arrest of a bereaved mother.
  6. I hear there is a group called Spectre who comprise the relatives of British Service personnel who have died in Iraq. they plan to stand against government ministers at the next elections.

    I wonder how the powers that be will get round that expression of free speech.
  7. look out fo rme being arrested then as I will be there protesting. They tried pulling thi sone in Sheffield aswell when the G8 meetings were on there.
  8. Whether it a lone 80 year-old heckler, a person wearing the wrong political T shirt or a loan protester reading out the names of the dead, this Government does not like it in case the nature of such dissent should influence anyone should it take place.

    It actually has a disproportionately opposite effect!

    Who in the world would ever have heard the name of Maya Evans had she simply been left alone to read out the names of the dead? Plod turned up 'mob handed and arrested her - not only does the entire world know her name, the entire world knows what a joke the Blair Government is!

    If it takes place illegally, do not expect to see Rose Gentle or anyone else actually given a voice by the BBC or anyone else for that matter for anything sensible they actually have to say other than a 2 minute slot at the fag-end of the news showing the fact of her arrest.

    I would suggest that the organisers of that event, if it is to take place, contact as many foreign journalists and news teams as possible and see just how much of a fool this country is going to look abroad when the global media get hold of it!

    If Labour and it's totalitarian dictatorship wants the benefit of publicity for it's conference, then it can accept the burden of having the hypocrisy of that message broadcast at the same time and given more prominence than it's own message!

    That is what they are actually terrified of and that is why so much money from an allegedly financially bankrupt party is being spent on so-called 'security'.

    The real threat to the Government is not from some alleged terrorist plot at some insignificant conference! The real threat to it is by people expressing peaceful dissent and that is something that terrifies them more than a hundred IEDs under a hundred seats!

    It is a weak government who fails to understand that the best publicity for an issue expressed by dissent is to ban it on spurious grounds - prevent it from taking place and do it on issues that are similar and do it with a sufficient degree of regularity - that is the best publicity dissent will get and is remarkably effective.

    Connect the same health and safety excuse with that on a previous thread in which Remembrance day parades will be similarly effected - certainly no room for any dissent there!

    Note again, the timing!

    Party conference coming up!

    Labour is a busted flush - weak, ineffectual and it's days are numbered!
  9. Sniffs of communism to me. Labour cant hide thier roots, they are far too red. maybe i'm being too simplistic in my view. How long 'til the likes of Rose Gentle and the others get a public anesthetic injection like the poor cow at the Kursk press conference, the next time they challenge B liar's waffling.

    Mind you those cobbled streets might just bring on the onset of non work related back pain and the council may be liable to prosecution. Arrrsssse.
  10. This is wrong, people fought and died for the freedoms these people are being denied.
  11. Disgusting...
  12. Clare Short has just been on the radio.She is resigning from the government and one of her reasons is exactly what this thread is about.

    The president ,Mr Bliar, has removed the freedoms that most people expect from a democracy such as a right to protest peacefully.

    Let us hope the protesters turn up en masse,but then we will see the controlling of the media coverage!!!
  13. Clare Short is resigning again? how many times is this now?

    She's got less credibility than the PM!
  14. What do you expect from this labour government and bLAIR.

    They have done more damage to individual freedom since 1066.

    They are just like the old eastern bloc ruling class.