Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Defence (Court Martial's of Officers)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by boris7, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. COURTS ****ing MARTIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My next three questions are going to task you.

    1. Why do you care?

    2. Why do you think we care?

    3. Why are you wasting taxpayers money on this shit?
  2. I am a Agent provocateur and only here for the beer!
    No I did not pay for it either...can get this info free if you know
    what to look for on the net.
  3. Wheel the guilty bastard in and we'll give him a fair trial.

  4. Or better still, "Lt Cdr will not be required in the court until we are ready to pass sentence"
  5. Throughout AFA06 it's now referred to as a Court Martial.
  6. Of which the plural is....?

    Boris7 - While this may not cost you anything, it does require some officer / CS somewhere to spend their time and effort digging this stuff out and to what end? Having been involved in answering a number of spurious and pointless requests in a previous staff job, they do nothing but drag people away from what they should be doing and piss off all and sundry.
  7. Gotta agree with C_L here. The FOI might seem like the matches with which to light the bright, shining beacon of truth, but the reality is that someone has to be pulled off real work to answer requests. Someone intimately involved with this site decided to make an FOI request last year. They probably had their reasons for making the request but 'because I can' seemed to feature highly on their list. It eventually got cascaded down to a place where I occasionally hang out and was handed to an already overworked SO1. The said SO1 was supposed to be staffing a paper on a subject close to our fellow arrser's heart but was obliged to spend three-quarters of the time available dealing with the FOI request instead. Bit of an own goal, really.
    Careful with those matches, kids.

  8. FFS READ the ****ing QUESTION!!!!!

    Plural = more than one of:tp:
  9. I retract and apologise. :)
  10. Sorry - cracked ribs and the flu - sneezing is interesting :sweatdrop:
  11. The simple answer is that we can ask because we're allowed to.

    The simple answer is the Armed Forces to publish everything that doesn't have a national security caveat (and no, sticking RESTRICTED on it because you can't be arsed to publish it doesn't count).

    Information like this should be published somewhere in the public domain anyway, much like magistrates and county court judgements are.
  12. Back to the 1960 ARMY the bog paper!!!
    Regulation 3

    1 UP
    1 DOWN

    I am glad my name was not Gunner Diahorrea


  13. You shouldnt task people your to old The Gurkhas might say your gila puki = melayu

    What a fun day...
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