Freedom of Expression March

Although the freedom of expression issue goes deeper under Bliar's Reich, those who have been following the Islamoloons' reaction to the cartoons published in Denmark that 'dissed' the prophet may appreciate the subtle call to arms. I can't go, but perhaps some ARRSE members geographically better placed will attend.

For those who take free expression to the extreme. Been to Legoland and never saw this as one of the displays. Was sent this by a civil service mate with a warped sense of humour and hours to fill.
Makes you look at Lego in a different light and gives you this urge to wash your hands. I suppose 'doing a Danish' will become synonymous with freedom of expression now and Lego an icon of the cause. No doubt there will be demonstrations against the rally. Maybe building a scale model of the stars and stripes and then burning it. I suggest Hambley's stock up on Lego, it's going to be a busy time.
Predictably, the march turned out to be a damp squib. Not enough interested or concerned enough? High totty factor though, and a bit of a 'queer fest' according to one attendee. A result of Islamoloons being hostile to women and homosexuals I suppose. A few Muslim 'looking' folk on the freedom side. Photos from and

Report and more photos and links to more

It says in the report linked above that there is a local law prohibiting flying national flags in Trafalgar Square so the Danish flags became shawls. No national flags eh? Except Palestinian ones for flying and Israeli and US ones for burning.

Samizdata (if anyone is wondering ) is where I first heard of ARRSE, some two and a half years ago. ARRSE had a something of a seat of honour on the home page IIRC.

Oh, and Plod were taking photographs too, natch!

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