Freedom of Expression? It epends on your generosity.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bellthrob, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. I find it more than a little disturbing that the COs/Mods feel that it is necessary to delete threads that do not meet their long term aspirations for ARRSE. I am referring to the thread that I started entitled 'Boycott'. The repulsive and irritating creature that heads up the company to which I refer just so happens to be a new site sponsor.

    On a site that frequently pushes the boundaries of morality to its limits (and very amusing it is too!) without raising so much of an eyebrow, lends me to believe that the only reason for the thread's deletion is the smell of hard cash.

    Who is going to be the next sponsor? RSPCA, Labour Party?

    Our ability to express opinions and exchange in military style banter is now clearly subject to the approval of the site sponsors and their political and moral persuasions. It is a disgrace.
  2. ...chunter....wouldnt have happened in my day......chunter.......fight to the death....parp....
  3. Victory. The Ling bashing thread is back on. The Mods are weaklings.
  4. If i had won the lottery at the weekend, i would have bunged the mods a few bob to be a mod, Lord tafheart has a certain it
  5. maybe it waas done to shut your whinging gob shut
  6. Surely it would have been a lot easier on your conscience to have kept the thread locked.
    But I suppose that the fact that you would have to (yet again) bow to the wishes of the ARRSE readership would have proved too embarrassing for a man of your high standing.
  7. Standby for a rude PM BT :)
  8. 8O Would have expected better of a Mod!!
  9. Victory is sweet!!

    Now for the anti-hunt campaigners!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. A pale imitation of the one and only Flashheart
  11. I very much agree with you. Richer Sounds have just started as a sponsor on Arrse and occasionally I will run a forum however I have no intention of bombarding people with the RS name. As you say this site is aimed at exchanging military style banter and not for advertisers to take advantage of free advertising.