Freedom of Expression - For Arts Sake

I love this..nothing like dumping on a fellow for expressing himself artistically in his off hours..

" A Virginia art teacher whose off-hours work as a ' butt-printing artist ' became widely known among high school students, has been fired." [ this from the Associated Press Report ]...
" Stephen Murmur, a teacher at Monacan High School, was suspended after objections were raised about his private abstract artwork, much of which includes smearing his posterior and genitals with paint and pressing them against canvas. After the Chesterfield County School Board voted to fire Mr. Murmur, his attorney, Jason Anthony said ' Chesterfield has lost a tremendous asset today .'"

No word on if he is suing for wrongful dismissal, after all what a guy does on his own time after school, especially in the name of art and free expression, especially when it doesn't have any effect or bearing on his work or teaching abilities, seems to me to be highly infringing on his personal rights..[ though it might infringe on his credibility a bit and, if his butt and balls are ugly, the resulting art may be a bit offputting to viewers - but, then people don't have to look or buy his -um - output ]

ASSet indeed ...

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