Freedom of Ashford parade 2004

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Wench3000, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone advise me where I can get photos from the parade please? Was on the parade but never managed to get my hands on any phots. Cheers
  2. try ICA? they do the rose and laurel, sure some saddo would have sent in pics ;)
  3. Try your newspaper/employer archive section.
  4. Cheers, will give ICA a shout.
  5. They were all stuck on notice boards in the Foyer of the Big Building on the right as you drive into camp..... the (then) RSM was going around asking people if they wanted copies........ try the Media Centre......
  6. Or contact the local rag in Ashford & ask them if they have any available. I remember there being a double page spread about it. You never know.....

    Regards LT.
  7. of course, if you are a supertrained james bond-esque spy, you could have guessed some of the places to check... ;)
  8. An Chara, Cead mille failte!! :mrgreen:

    PS: has anyone got any photos from Sean McIlvenna's funeral? I had to rush off with one of the weapons after the volley of shots by the firing party, and didn't get chance to pick mine up
  9. I left my original copies in my exploding briefcase which was in my Aston which got nicked,etc..... :wink: