Freedom march for Royal Welsh battalion in Chester

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh have marched through Chester, after being given the freedom of the borough.

The 550-strong battalion, based at Dale Barracks, returned from a five-month tour of Afghanistan last month.

They were awarded the freedom of the borough by Chester and Cheshire West Council.

Out of the frying pan into the fire it seems. :eek:

In 1403, Sir Henry Percy ('Henry Hotspur'), then Justice of Chester, raised the standard of revolt against Henry IV (Henry had usurped Richard II). Henry IV had also "ravaged" Chester during his brief stay before setting off to Fflint Castle, capturing Richard II, dragging him back to Chester and locking him in the castle. Henry Percy formed an alliance with the Welsh "rebel", Owain Glyndŵr. But, before they could join forces, Hotspur was killed at the Battle of Shrewsbury (lifting up your visor for a breath of fresh air in a hail of arrows is never a good idea). Shortly thereafter the law about "shooting the Welsh" first appears. In the weeks following the Battle of Shrewsbury the insecurity of both the new dynasty and some of the city authorities (some of whom had been on the King's side at the battle) was demonstrated in the instructions issued by then Prince Henry - then Earl of Chester - (later Henry V) in response to further defections in north Wales. On September 4, 1403, he wrote to the Mayor, Sheriffs and Aldermen of the City of Chester, who were required to impose a curfew upon all Welshmen visiting Chester, and to ensure that they left their arms at the city gates and did not gather in groups of more than three; all Welsh residents were expelled and any who stayed overnight were threatened with execution. Apparently, the actual wording was that:

all manner of Welsh persons or Welsh sympathies should be expelled from the city; that no Welshman should enter the city before sunrise or tarry in it after sunset, under pain of decapitation.!
joey_deacons_lad said:
lsquared said:
Well done to all concerned.

The City of Chester is a great place and everybody knows it should be in Wales!!
I'll see you hanged from the walls for that comment Chester is English and always shall be
As a proud Cestrian I can endorse that sentiment (the bit about it being English - now and always).

Welcome back boys and girls.

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