Freedom Eagle Cash Card (Top Up Mastercard)

I have such a card which I use(d) with my iPod/Apple account for buying music etc. I saw it as a simple means of limiting losses if my account was hacked and easier to manage than buying "IPod" top up cards.

Bottom line is, it's stopped working, their website (Freedom Prepaid MasterCard) is no longer accessible and telephone Customer Services are not customer servicing!

Before you all take extract the urine with calls of "ripped-off" etc. there's only £1.74 on the account and I discovered the lack of response in trying top up online.

Anybody other Freedom card holders experiencing similar?
Isn't it only for yanks?
No - unless there's been a major change. Their 'phone number is 0207 and email address ends

They took Sterling when I opened and topped up. From the lack of info via Google and no Customer Services, I assume "they've done a runner - literally"! It seemed a good idea at the time; back to buying Apple top up cards!
I got a cash plus top up Mastercard I use for online shopping & also for buying air tickets as with a pre pay they cant add on a credit card surcharge ( top tip). I used to have a blue sky one which ceased trading, but I did get an email 3 mths before they did telling me to clear it. I think top ups are great for online shopping. I even used mine to leave a deposit on a rental car in the States , which I thought was a no no. Accidently handed it over instead of my normal card & it went thro. Only thing with pre pay is its like carrying a roll of cash with you if you go traveling. You lose it is like losing cash & theres no protection with that.

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