Freed Salior Gets Death Wishes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FaceLikeAPingPongBall, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. For my sins, I'm half Scottish and as such, I take the Sunday Post to read just how far behind my beloved Celtic the rest of the SPL is.

    This was the Post's headline today:

    "Freed Salior Gets Death Wishes"

    Seems there are cnuts lower than Piers Morgan in the world after all!

    Story in full from their website:

    MoD blasts Internet abuse of freed sailor

    By Gordon Blackstock

    USERS of an Internet site have been criticised by the Ministry of Defence after posting abusive messages directed at one of the freed Iranian hostages.

    On Thursday Arthur Batchelor (20), an Operator Maintainer from Plymouth, was freed along with 14 other sailors and marines after 13 days in captivity.

    Arthur, the youngest of the 15 hostages, has his own web page on the social networking site Bebo, a site designed to help users meet new people. It also offers other users the chance to leave comments.

    On the page Arthur, whose user-name is Lanky 4547 despite being only 5 ft 2 in, lists his hobbies and places he’s visited. Also included is a picture of him with his arm around footballer Wayne Rooney.

    Last week Bebo, which has nine million UK members, encouraged members to post messages to Arthur welcoming him home.

    A message to all their members read, “Arthur Batchelor is one of the 15 British sailors and marines who were being held captive in Iran. Let’s welcome them all home by sharing ‘the luv’ today.”

    The site was quickly mobbed by eager posters and by last night nearly 300,000 people had visited Arthur’s page.

    However, not all the messages were from well-wishers.

    One from Rob Md said, “They should have cut your head off. Enjoy living in shame.”

    Another calling himself Joe 182 said, “You shouldn’t have been in their waters in the first place, you are a lucky boy.”

    Ussy J stated, “You deserved it, hope they kill you next time.”

    Harris Mohammed said, “I’m an Iranian now living in the UK. I think you deserved what happened to all of you. He joined the Navy knowing the risks.”

    While Sorcah Weener simply wrote, “Pity you made it.”

    The abusive posters have been slammed by the Ministry of Defence.

    A spokesman said, “Although we wouldn’t want to comment on the specific website, it is clearly very inappropriate for people to post abusive messages especially after the difficult circumstances they have been through.


    “We deplore inappropriate comments like this directed at any people serving in the armed forces.”

    However, there were plenty of comments from people praising Arthur’s actions in Iran.

    Petit Beana said, “Welcome back — you are a brave, courageous man and an inspiration to us all. Glad you are safe and sound.”

    Kari A wrote, “Welcome back home. My dad got back from Iraq a few months ago. I just wanted to say welcome back and America appreciates what you did.”

    Joanna Shields, President International of Bebo, was unaware of the abusive messages until we pointed them out.

    She said, “We haven’t seen those — that must be new. When I looked last night all the messages were still really positive.

    “The largest concentration of members are between 16 and 24, and in any part of society you’ll have different opinions.

    “I think the most powerful thing for young people is to make their voice heard.

    “All we did was create a little thumbnail link — you have no influence on what’s going to happen. What people say is what people say. It’s democracy, right?”
  2. Thats Democracy for you.
  3. So true Guru, and the democracy provided for these death threatening pieces of human excriment by the likes of Arthur Batchelor!
  4. Wonder why Iranian living in the UK doesn't want to go back...? Yet happy to slag off someone who protects his right to whinge......hmm
  5. FFS, he's only a young lad. Leave him alone.

    I bet these little cnuts wouldn't dare say it face to face.
  6. It's a marketing ploy, so he can charge more for his story......
  7. No, there was a campaign/vigil on Bebo going before they were released.
  8. Democracy? Hardly. You mean freedom of speech.

    The comments in themselves, while offensive, clearly tell us something about what its authors think. Freedom of speech is valuable indeed. Without it, you won't know what people really think.

    The miscreants sound like Jihadis screaming from the shoulders of uncritical multiculturalism. And you're surprised?

    They're not biased. They're simply for the other team.
  9. Isn't that what democracy gives you FFS!!
  10. Lipo doesn't know his arrse from his elbow so he's hardly likely to see how democracy and freedom of speech go together...
  11. I'm afraid not. Democracy is a broad term for the democratic nature of a political system. Freedom of Speech is not necessarily a right inherent in Democracy.

    Mob Rule could be likened to a pure democracy. Couldn't it "vote" against freedom of speech? It certainly may.

    The freedom of speech as it is in the UK is different from that in the US.

    The UK is clearly a democracy, but I'm highly critical of its tight restrictions on free speech. There's not as much freedom of speech as I would like, certainly. From my point of view, its close but not really free. For example, does freedom of speech enshrine the freedom to offend? I think it should.
  12. Problem with you septics is, as a nation, you take a perfectly good idea, then pervert it so it's bearly workable! In god we trust, but no morning prayers in school, thou shalt not kill, but the right to bear arms, the land of the free and the worlds greatest democracy... yet the right to bear arms in case our democraticaly elected government turns on us for our use of free speech, yes to state murder but not of the unborn child concieved in rape or incest. If your own record on democracy and free speech since the end of the second world war wasn't so shocking (and that's just within your own borders, let allown SE Asia and Central America), perhaps we in the western Europe would consider you to be the laughing stock you are and take you more seriously on these matters!
  13. You come across as a right biffer. I bet you complain if your "Freedom Fries" don't add up at BK.

    Democracy and Freedom of Speech are inextricably intertwined. Unless you are trying to push Darwinism in the Mad South eh, Hombre?