Freed prisoners "becoming homeless"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. ... and a big "aaaaagh" for the crims ...

    My bold - pity they don't do something for the troops :mad:
  2. They go in clink because when they are not in their own homes they will be in ours.

    If they have no place to go on release then I suggest a bit of charity work. A sponsored walk across the Thames, no bridges to be used.
  3. Why should we do more for them than we do for ex-soldiers?

    First, if they have no address to go to, keep them in for the full term, no early release.

    Second, kick all the illegals, failed asylum seekers and so on out of council property. Should free up enough for ex-service homeless and homeless ex-cons (with priority to ex-service).
  4. Apparently 25% of prisoners are ex military. British legion and other organisations will assist with accommodation for them pre release. An official from the British legion has commented to me that they should have had his help on discharge from the Forces rather than the nick.
  5. It's a disgrace that prisoners are released from jails straight onto the streets. Many prisoners have mental health problems and should never have been in prison in the first place- the delightful 'care in the community' effectively ended proper provision for mentally ill and mentally disabled people, and means in effect complete neglect of whole groups of vulnerable British people.
    How can people be rehabilitated back into society if prisons are allowed to release them without establishing a roof over their heads upon their initial release. To remove their independance of action and movement basically institutionalises a person. Common sense dictates that to dump this person onto the streets effectively makes their likelihood of re-offending increase massively, which makes the whole concept of prison as a place of real rehabilitation redundant.
    It's not just for the prisoners's sake themselves that we should be angry about this state of affairs, but for the communities that they are released into without accomodation or proper support to prevent them lapsing into crime again.
  6. Because the bleeding heart liberals in this country are all w@nkers and won't impress their Grauniad reading lesbian supporting 'fwiends' by supporting someone who has served their country rather than screwing it.

    And breathe.................................
  7. Fuck them. They made their beds. Let them lie in them. I'd rather fund keeping most of them in prison so they don't bother decent people, than have my taxes used to set the cunts up in a nice flat so they can feed on decent people. Guardian reading spunk guzzler!
  8. You can't fund keeping them in prison..there's too many of them, the prisons are full up and if they all stay in prison for any crime we will all be joining them soon as this government is gradually making all us decent people into criminals isn't it. Soon there will be no decent people left without a criminal conviction of some sort. Maybe eventually we should have CCTV watching us all every time we are out and about- then we won't need prison buildings any more.
    Best regards,


    Was this a confession or a weak attempt at an insult old boy?

    PeACE :D
  9. Too many to keep in prison? Kill the sex offenders, terrorists, drug dealers etc. Suddenly you have a great deal more room to go around! :twisted:
  10. Seconded! :evil:
  11. There's a very simple solution to that problem.
  12. Yes let them out early. Labour are already doing that.
  13. or did you think that awarding them some metal would be better, about a 1/4 oz of 9mm would be about right.
  14. Hang on.........

    Giveafuckometer checked.

    Not even a twitch on the needle.

    I hope they rot in the streets and then die of something horrible.
  15. Thirded! :twisted: