Freed Iran envoy says CIA tortured him

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 7, 2007.

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  2. Sounds like the 'Cold War' tit for tat allegations revisited.
  3. Iranian diplomat was captured in February (officially, by 'unknown' gunmen). But the very fact that he has been released namely now rather proves that his capture was sanctioned and likely organised by CIA.

    Even in times of the Cold war Soviet and American diplomats were untouchable.
  4. And if they did, why should we give a toss? Its a dirty job but someones got to do it.
  5. Ah.. so that's what this was all about then :D

    (You're right Sergey of course..diplomats shouldn't be left just can't get the quality of kidnappers nowadays..standards are falling)
  6. :!:
    Weren't some Sov diplomats kidnapped by Hizbollah in Lebanon in the 80's and actually kill one - and didn't the KGB send some chaps to sort out the mess :twisted: :twisted: ?

    IIRC the Syrians started being really helpful and one of the kidnappers found his father or grandfather dead in the boot of his own car. Result - diplomats released!

    The power of reasoned negotiation :!:
  7. The Russians were hoping to pull similar strings to help find who killed there citizens in Iraq recently. Wonder if they had any luck? Any jihadis found dead in mysterious circumstances? :evil:
  8. I'm unaware about any results with killed Russian diplomats in Iraq. But Lebanese story was told by colonel Yuriy Perfilev some years ago. The Palestinians captured Soviet diplomats in Beirut. Moreover, Arafat apponted a man who organised it as his representative to resolve the crisis.

    The Arabs are ungratefull people. Soviet Union helped Egypt and was 'thanked' by Sadat. The Palestinias were helped any possible way for years and as a result they captured Soviet diplomats. They hoped that Soviet union would push on Syria to stop Syrian offensive against the Palestinians in Lebanon.

    Colonel Perfilev got instructions to use any possible method and he visited an influental Shia cleric, in fact a leader of newly created Hezbollah. He said that if Soviet diplomats would not be released (one of them was killed that time) then Soviet planes could make a 'mistake' being under Caspian sea and hit a holly city. As a result spiritual Iranian leader Homeini could be killed.

    It is not clear were the Soviet diplomats in hand of Hezbollah this moment or not but they were released soon.
  9. I hope they didn't flick the back of his neck with forefinger and thumb 'in a menacing manner' like the Iranians did to that poor young British sailor, reducing him to floods of tears.
  10. So it all proves fcukall and your logic appears deluted by Chernobyl radiation..why the feck would the CIA release him if upon his release fingers point westward?

    Oh right to start up the cold war again, which never really ended :D We still sell t-shirts in this country with "Kill a commie for your mommie" ;-)
  11. B*ll*cks, the septics were nowhere near this. #1 Bliar ain't got the clout to swing an exchange like this. #2 not even the Criminally Inept Agency would bugger things this bad.

    Just my tuppence.
  12. 1111111111
  13. Nathan Hale wrote:
    KGB Resident, I know how shocking it must be that even your so called "allies" didn't have much use for the USSR -- After Saigon fell and the Soviet Navy took over use of Cam Rahn Bay, I recall the Vietnamese complaining mightily about the Russians -- "They're the same as the Americans -- except they don't have any money" ...... I would also add that our guys didn't have the quite the hang-ups your chaps had about marrying Vietnamese women ... or so some Viet lady friends of mine claim.....

    Nathan Hale

    except they don't have any money , very funny, but so true.

    The Russians still till this day live in compounds barring Vietnamese from entering.
    The difference now is the Vietnamese would not be caught dead in such a crap hole.
  14. Dear Nathan, I have heard that Russia closed (or is closing) its bases in Vietnam. So the place is vacant. You may propose to the Vietnamese to deploy American troops in the country. Nice, polite, excellently educated American soldiers (and with lot of dollars) would be no doubt welcomed.
  15. I suppose that it was a part of the deal.

    Let's look at it from formal point of viw. What in fact had happened. American soldiers captured a Iranian diplomat in the foreign country. Does it give a moral right to Iranian agents to capture American dimplomat in a foreign country? It is not at least a senseless question. Anyway the best solution would be mutual respect to status of diplomats.

    I suspect that another 5 Iranian diplomats (captured by the Americans in consulate in Iraq) will be released soon. Again, I think it is a part of the bargain.