Free WW1 ebooks

Just click the book title then a seperate page opens offering downloads for various aps


Cant seem to find a way to download
Open link to what ever book you want to view, on left hand side says 'View the book', then gives options for format.
Any suggestions for talking books that can be downloaded free. I have a friend who has sight problems and the usual channels arn't that great.
Cheers OB, gives me plenty to read over the next 3 months ;)


Bonnacon, adobe acrobat has a facility to read out books in pdf format, very stephen hawking ish.

For exisiting books read by celebs etc, Id check the torrents, if someone has created it, someone who bought it is sharing it.
TA Baldy may your follicles rejuvenate. Sorry if I seemed lazey but it was your post that spured me into thought.

Bollock chops I will give it a go but I fear the Hawkinesque voice my put the old fart off.
Nice bloke but set in his ways a bit.

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