Free Trip to Belize

I saw on ArmyNET that 1 RIFLES is looking for soldiers with the following qualifications to go to Belize on Ex TROPICAL STORM 27 Feb - 5 April 08. All will get R&R in Cancun, and most should get Adventure Training. Anyone interested should contact their Ops Offr on 94357 5368, 07748 961621, or,

* Infantry section rifleman.
* SA(A) and (E) range qualifications.
* CMT1 or CMT3 medics.
* RLC Logistic Support Detachment.
* C+E drivers.
* RLC Ammo Tech.
* REME Recovery Mech.
* REME Armourer Class 1 or 3
* Postal & Courier NCO.
* Nursing Officer.
* Environmental Health Team.
* RLC Local Resources Cell NCO.
* Jungle Warfare Visual Trackers.

They are good blokes and will treat any attachments very decently. Better than staying on Salisbury plain for February if your Boss will let you go.
I've been out for a while (2004) and have spent nearly 4 years in Belize. Has BATSUB folded? I thought they were there for this kind of support. Excuse ignorance of current Army affairs.

Cancun, BTW, as a R&R location is hard to beat!
BATSUB is still there though going through yet another change as all the BG exercises are off to Kenya, leaving Belize for coy FTXs and IBS. The BGs have to bring nearly all their own manpower which explains the shortage. Read my lips: "We are not broken as an army".

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