free travel???


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Does anyone know if we get free travel in London?

I know STABS are not allowed the armed forces rail card.

However, my mate in the ambo's say that all three emergency services get free travel in London
and Boris has just extended the scheme to all military services as well

any ideas?

and yes times are hard for free travel now I don’t get paid for STABBING :)
I know the Metropolitan Police can flash their badge and get through tube barriers, if this works with a MOD 90 that would be awesome considering the amount of cash I spank on my Oyster card in a year.

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It's true.

In fact quite a large number of Londoners enjoy free travel, with some conditions; one being that when they travel on bendy-buses, they must enter by the doors of the rear section.

In the unlikely event of you being challenged by a transport official who is still unaware of this concession, please refer them to this thread.


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helpfull bunch this morning I see
No truth to it at all. It's only the plod who get free travel (and then it's only the London forces and those who have bits of the tube on their ground, like TVP, Herts and Essex anyone from other forces who gets caught by TFL or BTP will get stuck on).

Can't see them giving it to us, mind you I am told if you have forgot your Oyster card then it is easy enough just to flash the MOD90 at the tube barrier muppets and they will let you through...
spad said:
helpfull bunch this morning I see
Yes, sorry bout that, couldn't resist- it they could make things a bit harder for the civvie fare dodgers in London, the fares might not be so expensive!

The previous poster is quite right.
The police had almost always previously been let through on the nod but a good few years back Red Ken made it official. The idea being that with more police travelling on public transport it would make it safer.
Not sure that it was successful though.

The other aspect as already mentioned is that Boris granted War Pensioners in England (not sure about the other countries in UK) the concession of free Oyster annual travel cards.
If only they would take away free travel from teenagers. Might encourage the chubsters I see on my route to work to move a bit more, and stop scaring the local grannies off the bus.


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well grannies just get in the way and walk slow!! bladdy old people !!

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