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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. on a rare occasion out on the lash at the weekend.....

    I travelled to London with some friends, one of which is a police woman.

    I was surprised when she just flashed her warrent card and got free travel?

    How come police get this when we get nothing? (well money off at Millets!)

    She also told me Dominos Pizza was almost free!!!!!

    I know the police do a great job, but what about some parity?
  2. You get free flights to Iraq and Afghanistan don't you?
  3. ha!!!! :D

    If you knew me, you'd know I've been trying to get one of those for years!!!!

    Officially given up on that idea now....

    My view is get as much out of the Army as I can.
  4. I don't know what but there's something that slightly grates with this...
  5. When you've been shafted by them as many times as I have, you get a little bitter.

    The Army have put me in a position where my civi employment has been negatively effected. If this ever resulted in loosing my job... would you or the Army help me pay my mortage whilst I find another job to support my wife and kids?
  6. But if things were so bad why didn't you exercise your right to walk? Doing the honourable thing and being 'shafted' for thanks isn't the best avenue to follow is it?
  7. Why don't you get yourself one of those cards that gets you free train travel too? Then you will only have one job to whinge about.

  8. No1 son is in the Met and he gets free travel when hes flashes his card, but, for that free travel, officially, they ARE on duty in that train, the conductor can call upon them to do the biz if someone or something kicks off.

    So, its easy, pay up, be a member of the public and do and say nothing if the conductor needs a hand, or, flash your badge, get free travel but you are on duty!!!
  9. I didn't quit because strangely I'd miss it..... (I've tried before!!)

    It pays me some "pocket money" and I'm not sure why... but I actually like it because it makes me appreciate home more. (I'd miss a couple of people too!)

    What I don't like is working hard to achieve a rank and trade that really means nothing and being a part of an organisation that really serves no purpose.

    Anyway, I'll stop moaning now!!!!!! Got to prepare a lesson for tonight because I can't get a qualified instructor in to teach it. (at work whilst still trying to do my real job!)
  10. Then the whole point of this thread was?

    Stop moaning like a Thai Whroe, get on with it and enjoy spending your pocket money at the end of the month on the lash in London. :roll:
  11. So you want to go on Ops, but you have a problem with the Army/TA messing up your civvy job. Make your mind up!
  12. Right firstly.... the whole point of the thread was just to highlight that the TA and Regular Army deserve more support generally.

    Trust me I can afford the train fare and the comment of the police officer being on duty if riding free on trains is laughable, tell my mate that she should loose the high heels next time she's "working"

    As for the above comments legs...

    Yes I want to go on Ops. and yes I do have a problem when they book me onto cses tell my employer i'm going then cancel the deployment without even telling me in person.
  13. I think bibo boy (uggh ghastly name) is essentially saying he wouldn't mind being wazzed around over work, in order to go on ops. however he resents being wazzed around during the normal training year, when lets face it a little 6Ps activity by the head shed and permanent staff could avoid it.

    I cannot see the contradicition. If I choose to go on ops, as I did in the past, that is my shout. If the TA however goes to a default setting of "on the truck/off the truck" then it is not my choice, usually is minorly affecting them but usually majorly impacts me! It is like a dyslexic dwarf, not big..and not clever but I never seem to see evidence of somebody putting their foot on the ball and trying to raise standards of planning or admin.
  15. I think rather than free travel, why not extend the Forces Rail Card to the TA?

    Ah yes - that would cost money - silly me.