Free-to-use cash machines offered to UK military bases


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Good news, all we need now is a bank that understands the humble squaddie, the fact that our cash in bank is after food/accom etc deducted.
We move a lot and loans are safe bets because we won't generally get sacked tomorrow!

Forces Financial Co-operative or some such, I'd invest in it................


Litotes said:
I found this whilst surfing the Defence Intranet:

Free to use Cash Machines

That is excellent news for all of us! Well done to those who arranged it for it to happen!


Am surprised at this.
In the mid 80s we arranged for a cashpoint to be installed at the NAAFI Club in Colchester. Lloyds Bank machine but Fin Branch replenished it.
So it looks as though it has only taken 20 years to progress.


I hope you all realise that for a quarter on the cusp between gradings this will push the grade up by 1 as you will lose one of the valuable 'points' they use as part of the 4 tier grading assessment......


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Not sure if we were a trial, but we have had one for a long time (not sure, but well over a year). Ours is situated in the guard troom


IT_GEEK said:
Not sure if we were a trial, but we have had one for a long time (not sure, but well over a year). Ours is situated in the guard troom

If you ARE a trial how come we could do it 20 years ago? Is that progress?
I know we did it as a one off through Fin Branch negotiating with the Bank & part of the deal was that the pay teams in the Garrision serviced it.
I wonder if it is still there!
Might have to have a nostalgic visit to Colchester. :D
Can't read the link as I'm not on Defence Intranet...

Gib Bks at Camberley also had one fitted at the Guardroom in the 80s, I presume it's still there. It seemed to do plenty of trade.

A worrying thought (probably because I'm neurotic): There's no chance that this is linked into PAYD is there? Or is it perhaps because of PAYD?

Personally, I'd like to see cashpoints installed in pairs or threes, operated by different banks. That way they keep a check on each other and are less likely to be the first to introduce charges.


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Ours has a big sign saying "provided free by NAAFI Financial services" It has no specific bank logo's on it. Not sure who maintains it, presumably NAAFI finacial services :D
We’ve been busy talking to COs about the launch of Forces Financial and our offer of free-to-use machines, so missed this posting – thanks for your support. It’s the result of many years work by MD Al Voice to find a partner prepared to support his desire to provide this service. We’ve had very positive feedback and are pleased to help establishments that would like to take advantage of the offer.

So not a bad start to get Forces Financial off the ground, and there is more in the pipeline. You may have already tried our new UK panel of 23 major motor insurance providers, and panel of 3 in BFG – if not check it out when your renewal comes up, you can get a quote and buy online at

Forces Financial is a trading name of Stuart Harvey Insurance Brokers Limited who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Registration number 301858. Registered Office: Globe House, 24 Turret Lane, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1DL

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