Free to Good Home: MACKIT 1/48 F-18C Hornet

Emptying out my garage and found an old, unmade desk model. It's about 20 years old and has been gathering dust.

The box has been opened, but the contents are largely untouched. It's a mixed metal and plastic model.

Pictures to follow.





Extra RAAF decals and WVRAAM (Oz ASRAAM) parts included. My intention was to build this as an Oz Classic Hornet (making any modifications needed to revert back to A model). For a desk model, I didn't think the differences would be that great.

If anyone's interested, let me know by PM.

Postage will be free provided it goes to a good home:
- Mass (weight) of the box is less than a kilo (less than 2lbs).
- Box size is 50cm x 35cm x 4cm (20in x 13in x 4in in old money).

If you feel like making a donation to HFH then that's fine by me, too. Otherwise, I look forward to someone having the joy of completing the model.

Whining Civvy

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Thanks mate!

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