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Discussion in 'REME' started by magictorch, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. going free to a good home, 1 X vma, cr1,cr2,crarrv,cvr(t) and wr experience, only 15 1/2 years on the clock, fe and willing to work hard. has been neglected by mcm div by being given a squaters job and is being mistreated by current owners :( however has great bouncebackability and is good with kids/cfn :D
  2. 'Your in the army now son!'

    Bedding store will be open in the morning!

    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  3. Fancy some time in Germany fella?

    Need VM's urgently, we seem to be about 31 short at the moment.

    PM me for more details.
  4. RETDU Bovington are slowly buliding up the REME team for future batch testing for Trojan/Titan...could be a nice change in a very stable posting 8)
  5. Can echo this, was ATDU and was a brilliant posting, RETDU in same spot, will be enjoyable.

    They did the same to me in similar circumstances to u but a little less time....

    I Got out.....!!!
  6. Would you prefer an RS post to a squatters?....there is always a tradesman who has it worse than you :roll: take concillation in that.
  7. I agree it is likely to be a super job but some of these long trials can be a real pain to support when they are trying to run the equipment 24 hours a day - as they will when they realise that SO2 Trials can't do long division and the reliability growth trial of 2400 hours with one vehicle is scheduled to last 10 days. :lol:

  8. Fancy an AI Bn in UK?
  9. thanks for the offers but i would prefer tanks, its what i love and what i am good at
  10. just a pity that the folks at mcm div have screwed upped peoples postings so much, that when you have units screaming out for the proper people they send them to where the army isn`t getting it`s moneys` worth
  11. :twisted: so its taken you this long to realise that REME MCM couldnt care less what happens to you. " they can do what ever they want"..... notice that is a quote


    remember we are lovers not fighters
  12. Went there in early eighties after a great time in BAOR . ATDU was where the armd corp sent all their welfare cases , but they also sent the trouble makers and the regimental dregs and alcoholics,( I fitted right in ). It was cuffin brilliant. work was hard, dead interesting and at the end of all the trials we did there was a feeling that for the first time in my career I was doing something that i had been trained to do It set me up for the rest of my time in the mob and developed my skills which were at best pretty limited.
    I hope you have as good a time there as I did :D
  13. That wasn't my recollection and I arrived just as the CR1 trials finished! I recall that most of the crews were more dedicated and harder working than those I had previously met. The posting quite restored my faith in the Tankies and Cav!

    I enjoyed my two years, but I cannot remember the names of the two COs and, more importantly, the lady upstairs who ran the place (allegedly)!