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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by itsforcharidee, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. To charity ball on Sat 28th Nov in pair of tickets to anyone injured in the armed forces. if you're interested.

    And please don't tell me to put this in charity coz no one reads it there....
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    I am sure that the City does care, and it is commendable that you are making this offer.

    Perhaps some of your friends in Goldman Sachs (amongst others) who are on the receiving end of some of this sort of thing:

    might want to consider showing some generosity at your event. After all just 0.2% of that bonus pot (and that is just from one bank) is in the same ball park as the Royal British Legion takes for the whole of the Poppy Appeal nationally in a whole year.

    Think about that perspective as you crack open another bottle of fizz on the night.

    I hope that you have a successful evening.
  3. What is the injury criteria?

    And why just injured?
  4. Are full facial burns and an ear that looks like a childs thumb ok ? I can put on a limp as well if you lay on a pink Hummer to pick me up from the train station ?
  5. No criteria. If you one want you can have one. Only injured because that's what they were donated for and I'm respecting that.

    I don't have any friends in GS and much as I'd love to fix the charity donations of big banks, believe me, I know how hard it is to get money out of them.... I can't, I can only do what I can and this is it. So take it or leave it.
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm based kind of near the city, I have a slightly dodgy knee from a dancing related injury which I picked up at a Forces wedding, so I think I fulfill all the criteria.

    Count me in.
  7. What about including those injured by the armed forces? This would ensure that thecitycares charity gets to see a wide cross section of humanity on the night, some of them might even have bank accounts.
    PTSD, rough sleepers, alcohol and painkiller dependant last time I was in London I was tripping over these people (wasn't watching where I was going) and if the stats are correct there's bound to be more than a couple of exes who would appreciate a good feed.
    What's the dress code?
  8. Giving them away because not many bought them at £80 a head?
  9. I got a splinter in my thumb from a desk in main building! I'll take 2 tickets.
  10. FFS, give the girl a break you ungrateful cnuts. No-one HAS to donate tickets for any event to the forces, she is only passing something on. Don't be so bloody tetchy about everything and sneer at kind offers, as the support that we currently have from the good old British public could dry up a little.

    In short, grow up and stop acting like spoilt fcuking kids.

    Nicola, thank you for the kind offer, I'm sure someone will gladly take you up on the offer, ignore the other tw@s!
  11. Get f*cked you dribbling bigshot and stop 'telling people off' on the internet.

    If you go, you get to dress up and play the 'big, bad SNCO' act all night to a load of coked up, champers quaffing bellends, before the nights out you'll be fist deep in a fat bottomed office manageress as opposed to your fat bottomed good lady wife..
  12. Yes. Basically the city is just full of people who snort coke all day, drink champagne all night, fcuk each other randomly and then, on purpose and because they can, fcuk over the economy and what little savings you have. God, what a laugh we have over you poor little people who have to suffer the consequences. Anyway, must dash, Montague is here with three eastern european hookers and a big bag of columbian marching powder. Forgive me if I don't stay here with the "riff-raff".

    To the original poster, its very kind and please do offer anything similar on here in the future. Sadly I am away that weekend, or I would have loved to take them.

    Edited to add: Out of curiousity Reni - is a "pink-hummer" a new sex act that I have yet to hear of?
  13. Cnut.

    At least people are starting to recognise the sacrifices made by members of HM forces and offering little gizzits, would you rather thery didn't fcuking bother you turd?
  14. Who's suffering ?, and who mentioned the recent unfortunate mistakes ? I applaud the banks, due to their actions a million big shot paper shufflers, rogue builders and semi disabled factory workers are now in their rightful places, either in long winding benefit queue's or taking one way trips to deserted woodland. More importantly, there are now an infinite number of parking spaces at Somerfields.

    My continued success in furthering myself has allowed me to ride the storm quite comfortably, although Vegas is off this year and ill have to knock the extension plans on the head for a month or two.

    I never said the city is FULL of bugle snorting alchofrolics, but its certainly peppered with a fair contingent, I havent ruled out a ticket or two yet to this bash, I think id go down a treat.

    Google image a Pink Hummer, poetry on wheels.
  15. Id rather you put a dress on and dance to Noels Christmas Party Hits for me and the chaps this weekend as a pre night out warm up, ill throw some money in the pot and pay your cab fare ?